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The more you learn,the more you earn

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4 months ago

Hi friends,today is December 23,2021.Take my sincere 💕 love and well wishes for everyone.You guys may see that I tried to always motivate people with my writing.I don't know how much motivate I am able to give them.But surely you will learn something interesting if you read my entire article from fast to last moment.

In this competitive world,everybody needs money for living a healthy life.After seeing a lot of wealthy person,we think that may be if I do that we will become rich like the wealthy person.For this thought process,many people suffer in the long run.You guys may be thinking,what's the problem if I follow a rich man and try to be like him.

Look,it's not the problem to work for becoming rich.But for me,we shouldn't follow anyone's rules,anyone talents,thought process as well as anyone life dreams and goals.Those people who has a feeling that following someone will make them rich and give them money....they are absolutely wrong .

Earning money is not as easy as we think.For example,in this website named read cash have over 75thousand users and a lot of well known content writer.Among them,some writers have more than 1000subscribers,some have more than 400-500subscribers.But a lot users like me don't have too many followers as well as too much ability for writing.

So some writers are earning 50-60$per article with the topic of Bch,crypto,travel etc.Now users like me thinking that why we can't reach the amount of tips the establish users are getting.Thats why a great deal of good content writer trying to write about Bch, crypto for earning more which topica they don't even know very well.

So in that process,some writers are leaving from this platform as they thinking this website isn't for them.But the point is,I am a basically motivational,life lesson,personal thought sharing writer .So if I want to write about unknown topics surely we will fail....its not the fault of the platform.

The most important thing is that if somebody want to earn 10thousand dollars per month,he or she have to learn the amount of 10thousand dollars techniques,skills and patient.

Nobody will give you money for absolutely nothing.In this platform,a lot users who didn't even write an content about Bch,they are earning 20$per article.So don't think about money when you are trying to do big somewhere.If you know well in any topics then give your full concentration on it,learn the depth of this topic, develop your skills and knowledge as much as you can.

If your salary if for 500$per month,then you are eligible for that,if you want to increase your salary up to 5000$,you need acquire the skill of 5000$

There is no age for learning,it is dependent on you whether you are happy with your job,salary.If you think you are eligible for more,then start work today.Try to learn as much as possible with your topics .

Don't compare yourself with anyone because it will lose your own value in front of everyone.Dont follow anyone passion though they become rich with their passion.Try to set up your own goals instead of taking someone else.Never give up if you desperately want to achieve something,push your body for learning as long as it supports you.

Making thousand of money is not so easy.If it was,then everybody will grow rich day by day.You need to work really hard for rise your salary,monthly earning.

Don't think ever that they are making is such a topics,so I can also make if I do.But make sure that you know good about that or if you don't know then previously say to your mind,I will learn and give my time ,have patient.But I will reach my destination.

This is for today.Hope you guys are like my content.Thank you so much everyone for reading the full content.

Have a great day and lead a fantastic life everyone....bye bye for today .

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Written by   102
4 months ago
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