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Sometimes feels like everything ends up

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1 week ago

Probably the ups and downs in life arrived just to make us strong mentally. But as a human, we felt it's down after down. let me explain with my example, I started accumulating Bitcoin cash after the previous high of $1600. I was writing a short article on noise. cash and later I joined read cash. Accumulated single satoshis of Bitcoin cash from $1600 and the current price is below $130 of BCH.

But still 1bch=1bch, this is the time to accumulate more and more but the painful thing is that I have no faith currency to buy back. I just uninstalled my wallet keeping the key phrases safe. Because it's painful to see the pricing down of your favorite cryptocurrency.

I wish I could save some of the stable currency so that I can buy this dip. I have joybot NFT which was not rare although I sold it for $0.154 bch and bought LUNA, probably the worst decision of my life. I lost $35 in it. Yes, I learned but should I spend my whole life learning? not really I have to change my mindset and be more attentive and logical.

One most important thing that I learned in my journey of 1 year in crypto, don't listen to any influencer like this project will pump this will not, we should listen to our hearts, DYOR is important rather buying on the advice of someone else.

Not only did the crypto market crash but also stock forex after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine situation of the global economy changed, inflation started increasing and investors are in a panic situation, hesitant to invest in digital assets. Look at the stock examples of how badly they are crashed. Inflation increased, petroleum prices and ATH and the survival of the common man became difficult day after day.

Yes the situation is worse and these days will end up soon, these things are a part of life surely it is the time to learn something new like this that could also happen in life which makes me mentally strong.

I have no worries at all because I invested in a solid project like bch which will surely create new ATH and have a proper use case that everyone knows about peer-to-peer transactions with minimum fees.


Yes, I stopped looking at the market situation but I am a student and need to pay expenses daily seeing the value of funds coming down is painful and it hurts watching your hard earn assets coming down. But I also believe that most of the things in our lives are already written, we can only do important efforts. My negative thoughts satisfied my heart that at least I tried no matter if I failed but surely the comeback will be strong one day.

thanks for reading!



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Written by   35
1 week ago
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Life challenges are meant to sharpen us into what we become, a child can be born and start talking immediately but he or she won't value the process and how important it is to talk after along stress of time. God made everything Beautiful yet he gave you a space to make your own personal life worth more.

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3 days ago

We are in a bad phase and bad timing. Let's just try to survive without any casualties. The Cryptocurrency is still a new thing and it still has a lot of potential.

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1 week ago

Yep, exactly we are still in the learning phase, I have seen people who are early adopters and unaffected by such dump as they already aware of situations

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1 week ago