The reasons why BCH is called the real Bitcoin

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Besides Bitcoin and etherium, Bitcoincash is one of the top cryptocurrencies. What is the reason of its existence, is a mystery in the minds of many people. Is it a Bitcoin lite? A famous scheme? A try to debrand and attack on the publicity of Bitcoin? If my opinion is concerned, word "opposite" would be correct.

Bitcoincash is all about the supposition of Bitcoin but all that was true before when it was handed over by a minute group of core developers by trajedy.

The reason of origination of bitcoincash

IF you people are having a thought in your minds if bitcoincash was created due to greed, opportunism, then you are wrong. It was born due to the wish of those community who wanted to learn Bitcoin in the form of peer to peer electronic cash system.

I personally support BCH and will say that it is the real Bitcoin by the support of evidences.

BTC is supposing to have low transaction fee

In early days, BTC was a name of low transaction fee to the global payments. At the time of writings, BTC transaction fee are ranging from $10 to $50 according to the com

On the other hand, BCH transactions are at the rate of 1sat/byte which is equivalent to a penny or less for majority of transactions.

BTC should be a network worth reliability

The reliability of a cryptocurrency is directly associated with its transaction fee which further originates from the decision to limit its transaction capacity.

In case of BTC, capacity of transaction is limited, mean you will get your transaction by paying high fee to include in the BTC transaction block.

This makes the network useless and unreliable as in such cases, you get your transactions stucked as more users are jumping ahead with their transaction by paying even more higher fee than you. In such cases it is possibility that you get your transactions stucked for 72 hours and may not included in the BTC block. It is also possibility in this case that your funds are sent back to your wallet and dropped out from the memory pool. This is exactly not the side of the reliable network.

On the other hand, BCH has plenty of space in blocks and many users can transact any time with minimum fee. That's the reliability.

Bitcoin is supposing to peer to peer electronic cash system

IF you get the BTC white paper, it is manifested with title that BTC a peer to peer electronic cash system

It was true but all many days ago. When it was on the top of crypto, it was so joyful that users can send money from one part of planet to another with minimum transaction fee and without any permission. It was all about P2P electronic cash system, swift and secured. But when transaction fee of BTC touched sky, its supporters moved away from their saying and calling that BTC is a "digital gold"

On the other hand, BCH continues as peer to peer electronic cash system with minimum transaction fee.

Gain and loss of merchants by BCH and BTC, respectively

BTC legacy has been going backward and loosing merchants due to high fees and lack of user experience.

Three famous merchants like Dell, Microsoft and steam are the examples that once claimed to accept BTC but stopped it later.

On the other hand, BCH is gaining reputation and adding merchants on daily basis in different parts of world due to ease of its users.

BTC making the bank unbanked

BTC, had the potential to help the people, who didn't have access to modern banking, but it's high fee made it impossible.

People living in underdeveloped countries, possessing some BTC, have not capacity to pay $10-$50 fee.

But BCH makes it possible, now you can pay at any BCH accepted store with BCH instead of local currency, instantly with minimum fee.

BTC has costly combining and splitting values

BTC allows combining outputs of unspent coins very expensive. A fee of $10 could be of $100 or worse.

BCH does not have these types of issues. It allows the users to combine and split their coins with full minimum fee

There are so many other arguments, on the basis of which you can decide that BCH is the real Bitcoin.BCH is the currency of all but BTC is only for the rich. That's why I do not accept this kind of descrimination by BTC and its team of core developers.

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