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What woman want?

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10 months ago
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Women always stay in the background in my country. Men are seen as great creatures and women as slaves. Or so I think.

While some men are very supportive of their wives and cherish him, more than half of them resort to murder because the woman rejected him.

I am really tired of femicide. I want people now to freely do whatever they want.

I want no one to interfere with anyone, and people who will end their relationships, accept it and leave in a good way. Maybe we want it nationally, but we cannot shout it.

As I said, it's not easy to be a woman.

I wrote an article about women before. I will say something about both its continuation and solutions. If all women are united hand in hand, I think there is no problem that he cannot overcome. Women are very powerful. Women are unique creatures. Women are mothers. Mothers are angels.

If all women were united, if all people learned to be human, if life were Bayram ...

Of course, there may be differences for every woman. I asked the women around me and I collected their answers for you.

Good reading..

1- women are emotional

Women want attention. Love him or her if you have one. Caress your hair, love my face. Cook together, cook together. Don't make him feel worthless.

If you do not like a woman, do not play with her feelings. Women are sensitive. They break quickly, forgive but never forget. Love your woman. Don't be tempted to touch him. Women want love. Women want affection. If you really love them, you might already know them. Do not hesitate to love and never cheat. The result will be bad.

2- women want peace

Yes, women, like everyone else, want peace. I think it is the women who want and apply this the most. For example, men wanted a smiling face. women also want. When women look into their eyes, they want to see love. Sometimes he thinks he sees love, but he is wrong. She loves women. Sometimes it does not meet, the aims are different, but the end is disappointment.

I'm telling you girls, don't trust someone right away. They look like they want you first, but that's a lie. Don't believe these lies. Efforts that love you. He will not get bored with you. This was also a sherry thought.

3- women want understanding

Understanding is a very important thing. Every person has to be understanding with each other. If there is understanding, many problems disappear anyway. Private lives of each other, some conflicting hobbies must be respected.

They don't like to be restricted. Nobody can interfere with anyone's life. Now I am telling the married couples. You are not slaves to each other. You can do your hobbies, your profession, many things you want. You just combined your life with someone. You have to be understanding with each other.

4- women want trust

Of course, not only women but men and women all want trust. It's hard to lasagna confidence. Please do not be with someone who does not trust. Do not combine your life. Trust is a very important thing. Do not do things that will break someone's trust. Once the trust is gone, it doesn't come back. Tried and proven. Never lie about it. This applies to everyone.

5- women want freedom

Unfortunately, this situation is very bad in my country. Women die trying to be free. He cannot leave the house at any time and travel. They are constantly nervous. They have obsessive lovers and bad results occur. Men cannot bear rejection. I will not say it for everyone but I am saying it as a part. There are men who find the solution to violence when rejected. This is a very despicable and disgusting situation. Everyone should be open to rejection because we are not perfect. We are someone's ideal hadi or man. It shouldn't hurt to be rejected for this. The remedy should not collapse violently. Nobody can restrict anyone's freedom. The freedom of women cannot be restricted either. This me very

Everyone should mind their business and let's be free now. As a woman, it is my greatest right to be free. Nobody can take away anybody's rights.

6- women want education

Unfortunately, there are some ignorant people in my country. They don't teach their daughters. They think stupid things like girls can't read. But education is one of the most important things. All people have the right to education. Successes cannot be restricted. Success cannot be prevented. Women read. Women are successful. Our right to education cannot be taken away from us. No matter how bad the education system is, we will succeed. Women are free.

7-women want to rest

Women have to look after children and take care of household chores. There are also professions. Not all women, but every woman gets tired. Housewives are not easy to do. Doing the same jobs every day is both boring and difficult. It is even more difficult to do your job and do housework. Life is very, very difficult for those who take care of children, do housework and do their profession. For this, I ask their spouse to please help them. Because life is good when you share something. You can save your spouse by helping. You can enjoy the tiring life.

8-women want love.

They say love is beautiful thing . I haven't lived yet, but woman want love . Wants to see love in the eyes . Love requires labor. Sometimes they do anything for love. I do not know much about this, but love is the inability to leave a person who cannot ve tolerated. İt is not to be left alone in very bad moment. Love is another utopia. İt has different meanings for everyone. I just wrote them based on the answers ı got. O hope you find true love. I wish you all good luck. If you have found true love, stick with it and never let it go. Don't skimp on your love. Be very happy and loved.

Thank you very much if you read. O wrote down my thoughts and ı think it's nice. There are many more things. I did not want to extend it further and bore you.

Anything you wish , your heart desires.stay healthy beautiful people. I love you all.❤️

"İf you frighten your love on the bird's wing, you cannot hold it..."

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Written by   20
10 months ago
Topics: Woman, Man, Want, Peace, Serenity, ...
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