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Turkish cuisine#4

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It is impossible for you not to have heard what a soup is, but if foreign guests ask what ashura means, you can define it as “Dessert obtained as a result of boiling legumes and nuts such as wheat, beans, chickpeas, apricots, figs together”. Well, if you ask how long is the time of ashura, you have to say that it is not a dessert that you make whenever you want, like other desserts. Ashura is the 10th of the month of Muharram according to the Hijri calendar. it is carried out from the day and continues for 1 month. It is also called the month of ashura because it is cooked in the month of Muharram.


Ashura, which has found its place not only in Islam, but also in Christianity and Judaism, is perhaps the only food that has been made for centuries on earth and has managed to spread to such vast geographies. It is no coincidence that the main ingredient of ashura is wheat, since the first place where wheat comes out is the Anatolian lands. Wheat, which is thought to have come out of Mesopotamia and spread all over the world, has also found a place in ashura. Ashura, just like wheat, has spread all over the world from Mesopotamia.

Come on, chief, let's look at the meaning of the word of the ashura, which has spread all over the world from Mesopotamia. The origin of the word Ashura comes from Arabic. The word ashura, derived from the word “ashara”, which means “10” in Arabic, is considered to be common dec the Semitic languages. The same word is used for the “Great Day of Atonement” in the Jewish faith. Armenians make “anush-abur” on January 6, while the Greeks make a dessert similar to the ashura, which they call “koliva”, and distribute it at the door of the church. The coliva of the Greeks contains wheat, raisins and honey, and this prepared dish is also left on the heads of graves by planting a candle in the middle. As you can see, chef, ashura is a food that is considered sacred in many cultures.

Why is Ashura Performed, What is its Story and History?

Everything about Ashura belongs to Hazrat Mahdi (as). It is rumored that it began with Noah. Hazrat. Noah, the Prophet. Idris is the prophet who was sent after the prophet. Although different dates are mentioned, it is estimated that around 3000 BC, Hazrat Mahdi (as) was born. The sons of the Huns, Sam, Ham and Yasef, were born to Hazrat Mahdi (as). They accepted the prophecy of Noah and believed in it, but his other son Canaan and the people who followed him did not accept this prophecy. Thereupon the Prophet said: Noah prayed to Allah and asked him to show him a way. Allah, the Prophet. He commands Noah to build a very large ship, to take those who believe in him into this ship, to take it from all the plants and their seeds in the world, and also to take it as a pair, so that all the animals on Earth will have a male and a female. Hazrat. Gabriel also comes to help Noah, and they build a huge ship. By the command of Allah, animals and all food that can be found are taken along with those who believe in the ark. After everyone gets on the ship, a big flood breaks out. It rains from the sky incessantly, and the earth splits open and the waters gush out. The whole world is flooded, and only those who got on the ship will survive.

It will take months for the waters to recede. During this time, they consume the provisions they take to the ship and finally sit on the summit of Mount Cudi, which is where it is considered today. Noah's ark. Calendars show that at that time the 10th of the month of Muharram. it shows the day. Every material on board is boiled in a huge cauldron and the first ashura that we eat with pleasure today is made so that it is made.

It is a sacred food that has been made for millennia and is believed to be medicinal because of the history and story of Ashura. Since it is believed that the soup is medicinal, it is served to the sick and children first in the houses where it is cooked. The container given to Ashura is returned before it is washed so that its fertility does not escape. It is believed that the more ashura is shared and distributed, the more fertile it will be, so it is cooked in abundance. Although it is the 10th of Muharram. ashura is performed and distributed throughout the entire month, even if it is done on the day.

Ashura, which has delicious pulses and sweet nuts in it, becomes different from everyone's hands. We are sure that a healing and very tasty ashura will come out of your hands, chef. We know that you will also make this ancient and sacred food in the most beautiful way. If you wish, you can share the ashura that comes out of your magic hands with your guests who come during the month of Muharram instead of adding it to your menu.

Enjoy your meal.


Bazlama is a unique delicacy of Turkish cuisine.

My grandmother, my grandmother, our neighbors and my mother always do it.

It is a kind of homemade bread.

I would definitely recommend trying it out. There is so much material for this. So I'll give you the recipe and say try it.

I will not give a certain measure for this.

You can do as much as you want. I'll just write down its consistency and structure. I'll add your photos as well. You can do it this way.

My family makes 10 bazlama and they throw half of them into the difrize. When we run out of bread, we take out a fresh one and we have soft basings as if they had just been made.


- flour


-warm water

- salt

Its making

First, we take the yeast, flour and salt into the kneading bowl.

We make a hole in the middle and gradually pour warm water. (We use warm water so that the dough can ferment quickly)

We knead it beautifully.

It will have neither too hard nor too soft a consistency. After kneading the dough, we close it and wrap it with a thick cloth. (The dough will ferment faster in a hot environment)

Hamurumuz mayalandıktan sonra unla birlikte ayırıyoruz. Kısa bir süre sonra dinlendirildikten sonra elimizle tahtaya yayıyoruz. Tabağımızda pişiriyoruz. Siz de tavanın içinde olabilir.

Ailem bir Ocak yakıyor ve odununda yakıyor.

Onun tadı vardır. Ancak tavanda da pişirebilirsiniz. Harishka'nın lezzetini de elinizin imkanlarını kullanarak tadabilirsiniz.

Afiyet olsun.


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Written by   23
1 month ago
Topics: Aşure, Ashura, Happy, People, Turkey, ...
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