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Turkish cuisine #1

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7 months ago
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Hi everyone, beautiful people.

In this article, I want to give you the recipe for my two favorite dishes.

I'm a cook by profession.

I don't know if there are any of these dishes in the country, but one of them is one of the indispensable flavors of Turkish cuisine.

If you're ready, I'll start.

I'm not giving the amount you can adjust the decision to look at the ingredients. You can put more of the material you love.

A chef I love very much has a very good word; everyone is the chef of their own cuisine.(Arda Turkmen)



- vine leaf (grape leaf)

- rice

- tomato

- parsley

- dill

- mint

- onion

- garlic

- pepper

- cumin

- sumac

- salt

- pomegranate sour

- olive

Its making:

First, let's start with the internal mortar.

Grate the onions and tomatoes.

Finely chop the Greens and lay on top of the tomatoes.

In short, add all the ingredients and mix.

Adjust the taste according to your belt. Usually I'm doing that.

Wash the rice nicely and add them. It'll be a delicious mix.

Soak the vine leaves in hot water and remove them. They need to soften up a little. Sarmanix to make it easier.

Then take the Leaf in front of you. Place a little of the inner mortar in the center of the leaf and wrap it so that it is thin.

Do not put too much internal mortar because the rice will swell .

If you are going to wrap something with thinner leaves, it will be better to wrap the inner mortar by cooking it a little.

For this, first cook the onions in a little olive oil. Cook the tomatoes lightly on top and add the rice. After it is cooked a little, add the remaining ingredients and remove from the stove. Be careful, no rice porridge.

You can also fill this internal mortar into the pepper. It will be very tasty.

You can remove the inside of the eggplant and pumpkin and put it in this mortar.

My favorite food is wrapped in grape leaves. You should definitely try it.

Another favorite dish is chickpea with chicken.

This juicy to eat . When I eat it, it tastes on my palate. A great flavor.

You should definitely try it. Maybe you know, but try the recipe I'll give you.



- boiled chickpeas

- chicken breast

- onion

- tomato paste

- Flake pepper

- oregano

- salt

Its making:

Adjust the amount of materials according to your own head again .

It's a very simple but wonderful meal.

First, boil the chickpeas. If it's not boiled, you'll have a hard time because chickpeas are a hard-to-cook food.

We buy olive oil in our pot. Add a diced chicken breast and cook until it releases the juice. We put the onions on it, which we have chopped, and fry until they turn slightly pink. After the onions are also roasted, we add the tomato paste and mix a round.

Add the boiled chickpeas and fry for about 5 minutes.

Add salt, pepper and thyme to the roasted mixture. The most important ingredient in this dish is thyme. Don't forget to. Once he eats, he always looks for the same taste. So so gorgeous .

After mixing a round with spices, we add the water and reduce the bottom of the stove. After we boil a little, our food is ready.

And then we eat with pleasure.

Definitely try it because it's very, very beautiful.

In addition to this, I write a recipe for rice with peas.

This is my favorite rice.

Materials required for this:


- a baardak pea

- 2 cups rice

- butter or margarine

- salt

It's a very, very easy recipe.

After washing the rice, fry in a little oil.

Add salt and water.

After cooking a little, add the boiled peas to it and mix and rest a little.

Enjoy your meal.

I just wanted to give you a cookie recipe. Really this is the end.

Flour cookies.

I did it twice in one week and I fainted and ate it.

And the ingredients are very few and delicious.


My own materials:

-1 cup caster sugar

- 125 grams of margarine

- 1 cup of liquid oil

- half a cup of starch

- as much flour as he gets

Mix all the ingredients and shape and cook.

After cooling a little, sprinkle icing sugar on it and consume it so.

He's a delicious cookie.

Bon Appetit in advance.

If you've read this far, thank you very much.

I will continue to share what I love. I write whenever I can.

If you're going to try the recipe, you won't regret it. I would definitely recommend.

Turkish cuisine is a very, very beautiful cuisine. All I'm going to say is really try it.

Have a healthy day, beautiful person.

Stay Health❤️

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Avatar for Seri
Written by   20
7 months ago
Topics: Cook, Kitchen, Chef, Şeri, People, ...
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