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One of the most common problems in society is insecurity.

Actually, I am not very self-confident, but I am not considered insecure either.

Insecure people are often in this state of criticism.

In my country, everybody criticizes each other. He focuses on someone else's life without looking at his own problems and life. It does not see its own flaws, it knows all of someone else's flaws.

Sir, there are no perfect people. Being overweight is not a fault. It is not a fault to be tall or short, to be writer.

They say you gain weight, you gain weight. Yes I know I gained weight, my body of course I notice. Same thing when you get weaker. They find excuses for everything but they think they are perfect here.

The real flaw is thoughts. It is evil in the heart. Bad thoughts about someone else are flaws. Rumors about someone else are flaws.

They are interested in what someone else has experienced in their life. They can focus on the things they want to live and the dreams they want to realize. They can take their eyes off someone else's life. There is no fault in everything. Whoever these criticisms come to, the loss of self-confidence in that person will be too much. However, people should not be so cared about.

They get jealous when they see that someone else lives the life they could not live their own. I think like this. There are people who criticize me a lot, good or bad. But I don't care what people say. I wear what I want. I live the way I want. I suggest everyone to live. This life is not meaningless enough to care about people. When we stop caring about people and what is being said, we can be even more confident. Be confident and enjoy your life. Life is short and make yourself happy. Live happy. Stay happily.

Have a nice day

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One of the perks of being introvert is I dont experience this kind of stuff anymore.

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2 years ago

You are one of the rare people. I wish everyone could be like that.

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2 years ago