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Real love

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1 year ago
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Real love.

You can really fall in love with something. Actually, there are many loves.

Love is universal. We can see love everywhere. But except for the person we will fall in love with.

Years ago, my parents broke up a lot. My father made some mistakes, but my mother put up with it. My mother is a very strong woman. My grandmothers too.

The women in the family are really powerful.

I recommend all women to study and have a profession. After skipping this level, let them think of marriage.

Because as far as I can see in my country, women get married at a young age. Without a profession. They really fall in love, or think they are, and marry at a young age by the magic of love. Of course, it ends with separation. They can stay naked in the middle. Or there are women who, despite all the violence and hardship, cannot get divorced just for their children and because they are unemployed. Because they have no profession. Reading is very important for this. I wanted to touch on this subject because reading is very important. As all women who can stand alone. I'm also trying to go to university. I will take my profession and then my dreams will begin. I am very excited for this.

Now, let's go back to our topic.

Like most people, I am not dear to everybody that comes to me. I didn't even have a girlfriend. My friends have always replaced him, and I am in love with my friends.

This is true love, I think.

But as the age progresses, it seems as if one needs love.

There was a small gap in my heart filled with friends and family. I haven't noticed for years. Sometimes I want to fall in love, but it takes a very short time. It passes after 5 minutes. This may also be due to my imbalance. I can be very volatile most of the time. .

As I observe the people around me, I no longer have faith in love. What happened between my parents is something that also comes from what other people in my family have told.

People out there just want to be with someone for their benefit. This is a very bad thing. Lots of people hurt.

They suffer for very unnecessary reasons. Now I will tell about women.

A friend of mine told this.

Someone wrote to my friend on social media. Everything was progressing very well at first. They talk well to each other and they are good together. The man suddenly started acting cold. They were going through something like a long distance relationship, but it wasn't too long. The man suddenly wanted to end the conversation. When he asked why, he said distance. And a few days later she said to the girl that I only talked to you for sexuality.

What does that mean? It ruined a great relationship at first.

My friend was so upset.

He still hasn't gotten through that.

I really feel sorry for him because he is a good person.

When I see such things, I lose faith in love, but there is love.

Love is everywhere.

People are so characterless.

We cannot hurt anyone else for benefits.

I always say this to all my friends. I love you for being you. I would not change you for anything.

Love someone that way, too.

Do not trust people from far away.

Make sure you get to know someone well and continue on your way.

There is love.

Do not be offended by love.

Do not limit love.

Do not lock your heart.

Love should not be limited to the opposite sex. Yes we will fall in love with someone. But not just one person.

I am in love with nature. I'm in love with the sky I am in love with my friends. I am in love with my family.

I am in love with music and songs.

Many of you have watched the sunrise in the morning.

The sun rises orange and shines in your eyes. This is a tremendous thing. Here I am in love with this image.

And I am grateful for every day I see the sun, the sky, my friends, my family and my dear daughter, melon.

Thank God I saw this day too, and I was full today.

Today I talked to my family and I heard their voices and we are all healthy.

Thank God a thousand times.

I am writing these lines with very good feelings. I feel like it will be a very good day tomorrow.

I send big kisses to my loved ones from here.

I love you too.

Thank you very much if you have read it.

Stay healthy, beautiful people.

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Written by   33
1 year ago
Topics: Real, Love, Family, Sky, Friends, ...
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