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my quarantine is over.

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10 months ago
Topics: Quarantine, People, School, Rain, Friends, ...

Hello to everyone.

I was able to go out today after months.

Today I'll talk about what he did and what I felt. I really forgot my life outside.

There was life outside, but I forgot this life.

I woke up early in the morning. My mother went to work. My father brought us to my grandmother's house.

Towards noon, I left the house and met with my friend. After doing some shopping, we went to school. Suddenly it started to rain. At that time, the teacher texted. That the course will start tomorrow.

So we decided to take a tour. We went to the shopping mall. We walked a little. We went to the market from there. We got something to eat. We thought we would eat on the way. Suddenly it started to rain. We ate by getting wet. I enjoyed it. Then another friend of mine texted and wanted to meet. He said he was in his school. I visited him at his school as he was on my way. I really missed it. But we could not spend a lot of time. I hope we will spend time next time.

After meeting my friend, we walked around the stores and came home.

Another friend called when I got home. She said she wanted to meet. I met him and we sat in a park. She took care of her phone. I don't like that at all. Later we left to come home and it started to rain again.

My school is likely to start tomorrow. This makes me sad. But it will start after tomorrow. I will start studying after this day.

I have the headphones on right now and I want to pour some of my heart on you.

I will be separated from my family after a long time.

This situation does not upset me a little.

I am very used to them. Family means everything. Know the value of your family.

It felt a little awkward to go outside.

Seeing people was also strange. In the early days of the virus, people were wandering unconscious and without masks. I observed it today. Everyone had followed the measures. I felt that everyone was taking this very much during the quarantine process.

It felt good to see my friends.

I opened my cargo. Opening cargo is a very enjoyable thing. I think I'll be home tomorrow. I find new topics. I will write new articles, but I need to get my head together. I can't quite get my sentences together.

I hope the weather is sunny. I will go to the park and have a picnic with my friends.

I aimed to be thrifty in the quarantine process and I still continue. I started saving money.

I'm saving money because I'm going to attend college next year. Invest in the future.

I'm trying very hard for this. I hope I will succeed.

Now I lie on my grandmother's knee and she caresses my hair. I really like this.

I missed my daughter so much. I'll be a little apart from him, but I'll take some food on my way to him. I love my melon. Dear daughter. I got used to it very much. I feel like a mother.

I wish you all healthy days.

Thank you for listening to me.

Good evening.

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Avatar for Seri
Written by   20
10 months ago
Topics: Quarantine, People, School, Rain, Friends, ...
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