Life is hidden in songs

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Life is hidden in songs. Songs contain the past. With its pain, with its sweetness, with all its beauty ...

There are many types of music. Everyone's listening style is different. Each type is more beautiful and magnificent than the other.

Artists tell all their experiences with songs about him and what he will live. Sometimes it can be difficult to confess your love. You try to tell with a song. The people who made the song intended it. Love songs .. "Do you have the courage to love, my heart is beating different"

It is also written when he confesses his love and does not get a response.

A song written for a lover while experiencing a very beautiful love.

Friend peg is eaten and one more song.

The secret of life is in the songs. Almost all songs are full of experience.

I have great respect for musicians.

I was going to be a musician too, but my father didn't allow it. So I decided to be a cook. I put all my love in your food. All my pain, joys and life.

While cooking, I forget everything.

Music is an art. Food is also an art. Every job we love is art. The art of making yourself happy.

Do what you love too.

I couldn't be a musician, but it doesn't mean I won't. Maybe I will. Maybe I'll start tomorrow. Follow your dreams too. The songs tell about it. The songs tell it all. I'm not listening to listen to the songs. I hear your words. I try to understand and learn from them.

I enjoy listening to songs.

Suddenly I open a Song and start dancing. I enjoy the smallest thing, I am happy.

Listen to the song. Everything is hidden in the songs.

Sing your favorite song out loud.

Even if you have a bad voice, say it, don't stop.

Do what you love, do not delay.

I love you all.

I wish you healthy days.

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