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İt's not easy to be a woman.

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10 months ago
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Hello beautiful people.

I live in Turkey and a Turkish citizen. There are many difficulties in Turkey. One of the most prominent ones is TO BE A WOMAN. Being a woman in Turkey is really hard. With this lake since we started in the 2000s. MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK tried many times to explain how valuable our women are and how they are human beings and made innovations. He was the greatest revolutionary.

I remember him with respect and longing. I love her so much. It gave women the right to vote and be elected. He gave many more rights. Things have gotten worse and worse after he left.

According to the accounts, everything was fine and normal until 2000. I was born in 2002 and I will tell you what I lived in my 19 years of life and the women around me. I am a good observer.

1- violence

Violence against women has increased over the years since I really got to know life.

They are killing our women. It is increasing with each passing year. On top of that, there are disgusting views such as the woman was wrong in murders, fortunately she killed, she deserved it.

Let's say there is a wounded or dead woman lying on the ground. Everybody gathered around and say disgusting things like dressed open, deserved, leg open, hairless ... Yes these are correct. Things like this are quite hateful to the society I'm in.

2-woman is the enemy of women.

No, you did not read it wrong. This is the case in my country. Although not every woman, women do a lot of work after each other. They leave their positions and their own lives and criticize the lives of other women. They reproach each other. They never know how to gossip.

I guess he doesn't feel like a Turkish woman.

3- What does my team say?

Unfortunately, women cannot do anything freely. He doesn't wear what he wants. They criticize wear it. I love women who ignore criticism and don't care. Women can wear whatever they want. She can wear decollete. If he wants, he can wear a black chador. Who does this concern?

Of course nobody.

He can go out at any time he wants. He can travel. Nobody can limit anyone's life.

4- friends of the opposite sex

This is a situation I have experienced.

I have boyfriends that I see like my brothers. Surely everyone has it, and it's amazing. I would recommend it to everyone. My elders are against this situation in my country. They think a man and a woman can never be friends. I am very against this situation. We don't need blood to be brothers. I love all my friends. It can be a woman and a boyfriend. Accept this.

5-housework is the duty of the woman

Housework is not a woman's duty.

Housewives will of course do the work. But married couples will of course do things together. The man will help the woman. Imagine a couple who are both working. They will cook together and clean together. The old generation used to do everything women, but the new generation is no longer like that. Their minds are outdated and they still think that way. In the past, our grandmothers used to wash the feet of men and women in their time. I think this is really interesting and disgusting. If a woman can take care of herself, a man can take care of herself.

I think the new generation is more understanding and helpful. I hope they won't mislead me ...

6- woman is dirt on man's hand

This is the subject I most dislike most. The perception that honor is only in women. All those who seek honor among women are dishonorable. Honor is not between two legs. Honor has a mindset and a heart. Dirt and dirt in people's hearts is dishonesty. For this reason, women are subjected to psychological violence and are increasingly disappearing in terms of spirituality. Respect for women disappears.

"Woman is human, men are human beings"

Everyone has a mother. Woman is mother.

It's about every woman swearing in Turkey.

Denigrating women, swearing on the woman's genitals is a lot. These are very wrong, but nobody knows, unfortunately. The only way to change this order is to refresh the mind. If this mentality doesn't change, everyone who does it will taste these things. Everyone will have children, everyone will have a daughter or a son, a wife ...

Things are getting worse because we can't raise our boys. We must teach our boys right and wrong, the shame, our family values ​​and most importantly, to be respectful. Respect means everything. We cannot judge anyone. Everyone establishes their own life in the best way and everyone is free to live the life they want. Now everyone should accept this.

You cannot judge a woman with her honor!

You cannot look at women badly, you cannot say bad words!

Woman is mother!

7- perception of beauty

Unfortunately, they perceive women as beautiful or ugly with their weight. Beautiful women are thought to be the weak ones. They use "bear, canister, pontoon, fat and more disgusting words" to overweight women.

Weak women, on the other hand, use words such as "pretzels, branches, blown will fly". However, not everything is external. Every woman is beautiful. After you can't see inside and can't feel your emotions, your appearance doesn't matter. They don't understand this.

All women are very beautiful and special.

8- harassment and rape

Almost every woman is subjected to harassment. When they do not consent to harassment and defend themselves , they are murdered. This is well received by our society. Yes, they are paid right. Do you think it is correct?

No true. Ve cannot distinguish between mistakes.what is wrong is not that the woman does not respond to the abuse. The wrong thing is that the Man is abusing. We need to realize this. Unfortunately , people are not getting the right things in their minds. Change your mindset now. What is wrong is the abuser. Not self-defense. Rape happens to hundreds of woman . No öne can learn from them. İt is getting more and more every day. A woman falls in love with a Man. The Man is hiding his marriage from the woman. When the woman finds out about this, she does not want to ve with her and leaves. Man also use violence against woman. She rapes ,shreds and burns her body. He pours concrete on it.Do you know who's guilty of this? Woman.

İn this case , the woman is found guilty. Society blames him. Justice is not served.

"Heaven is under the feet of mothers"

Every woman is a mother to be. She is mother.


9-Man are superior to woman.

Man and woman are equal!

There is are difference in physical strength , of course , but every Cat can work , earn money and stand strong on their feet alone. Women do not need Man. The woman can do whatever she wants. Every woman is very powerfull.

This was only part of it . I hope ı could explain it to you in a good way. I would like to explain the others in another article if ı collect their sentences. We are really tired of this situation. Everyone has a different opinion, but we have a try to find a middle ground. I just wanted to tell you that in Turkey but also in other countries ı'm sure there are a lot of similar problems. I want our voices to be Heard now. Everyone should be conscious . I believe everything can be very beautiful. We just have to find the middle ground and be a little more respectful of everything. Mind governs Man. For this , we have to change or defeat our mentality. I wish respect and love to everyone .

Have a healthy day, friends.❤️

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Avatar for Seri
Written by   20
10 months ago
Topics: Woman, Man, Equality, Turkey, Mother, ...
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That was a sad truth about women in your country. Violence against women happened everywhere, whether physical or emotional. Women should protect their rights, is there some organizations there in your place that support women?

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10 months ago

I think there is no justice in my country. Violence and murders are increasing day by day, but nobody talks. When women defend themselves, they are directly judged. As all women, we want justice to be served. we do not lose our hope.

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10 months ago

Awesome writeup dear because nowadays this is happening all around the world but nobody is willing to raise the voice for women but I'm sure one day everybody will see the women with the honor they only think women are not humans they are just childbirth machines. INSHALLAH the mentality of people will change one-day inshALLAH

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10 months ago

Thank you very much for your nice comment, dear. I believe that the world will be a beautiful place if people change their mindset. A little glimmer of hope shines inside me. everything will be fine.❤️

$ 0.00
10 months ago

I hope that it will get better. thank you for writing this

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Thank you for your nice comment. I believe we will make the world beautiful together.☺️❤️

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10 months ago