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it is not necessary to fall in love to cry

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11 months ago
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Crying is not a weakness.

They think that there is only one reason for crying in Turkish society. People just don't cry when they are in love.

We can cry when we are happy, unhappy, scared, excited, and more.

I cry when I get angry.

I cry if I'm sorry.

I cry even if I'm happy.

I cry when I'm scared.

I have never been in love and cried for someone.

There is no single reason to cry.

I want to tell a moment.

Years ago my cousin came to us. My grandmother saw my cousin crying.

He came and told all of us that he was crying, I think in love. He tells this to every visitor. He was in love, crying, said things like whether to be in love at this age. Whereas he was only 15 years old and they exaggerated too much.

They say that love has no age.

There is no age or time to cry either.

Do not pretend that every crying is in love. We can first ask why he is crying. Maybe he was very happy or excited. How do we know?

Our topic today was to cry and to judge without asking.

I wanted to touch on this issue because people should break your prejudices. One should not find an answer to a question without asking.

Become a more understanding society

I wish us to come.

-men dont cry

Yes, again and again one of the gender discrimination in Turkish society is the understanding that men do not cry.

Can you believe that even songs were written on it?

I think this is just nonsense and I defend it.

The men cry.

Crying is not a weakness.

It is not a shame to cry.

I always see men cry. He cries when he is happy, cries when he is sad.

That's all I have to say for now.

Hope we can be a more understanding society.

Have a nice day

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Written by   20
11 months ago
Topics: Life, Cry, Happy, Grandmother, Grantfather, ...
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