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İnsurance #2

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6 months ago

I'm picking up the insurance information where I left off. You may be curious and read it. However, you can also have information. This article is about insurance in Turkey.

Pleasant readings :-)

Types of insurance:

- social insurance - private insurance

- compulsory insurance - discretionary insurance

- mal - can - liability insurance

- life insurance - non-life insurance

Life insurance

- life insurance with a focus on protection

- investment-oriented ( cumulative ) life

Compulsory liability insurance

- compulsory seat personal accident insurance for road passenger transportation

- private security compulsory financial liability insurance

- Tubgas compulsory liability insurance

- coastal facilities marine pollution compulsory financial liability insurance

- compulsory financial liability insurance for medical malpractice

Optional liability insurance

- third party financial liability insurance

- financial advisors / architects professional liability insurance

- product financial liability insurance

Non-life insurance

- fire insurance

- transportation insurance

- accident insurance

- engineering insurance

- credit insurance

- legal protection insurance

- agricultural insurance

Basic principles of insurance

- insurable interest

- maximum goodwill

- compensation

- succession

- participation in the damage

- why is it close

The relationship of insurable interest

- legal property

- the usufruct holder

- the owner of the right to mortgage and pledge

- yeddi emin , the depositary

- tenant

Maximum goodwill

- insurance contracts are based on the principle of maximum goodwill.

- the insurance company wants to have all kinds of information about the risk subject to insurance in order to make a decision about loading the damage.

- the insurer also expects the insurer to provide him with the necessary information about the sale of this guarantee.

- it is necessary to have maximum good intentions, not good intentions.

Obligations of the insurer

- the insurer receives information about the asset subject to insurance from the insurer when calculating the amount of premiums that it will charge for insurance.

- the insurer will affect the insurance premium;

1- he is obliged to inform the insurer of all kinds of information correctly and in full.

2- he must also inform the insurer of the changes that have occurred after the signing of the insurance policy.

In this context, the proposal is of particular importance. An Offer statement is a form that the insured person fills out and provides to the insurer with all the necessary information about the terms of the policy subject to insurance. The proposals must be signed by the parties to ensure the prevention of future disputes.

Quotations are usually;

- name of the insured person

- your address

- the subject of insurance

- the name of the requested risks separately

- the cost of insurance

- includes the insurance period and the date of its issuance.

According to the principle of maximum goodwill, the insured must assist the insurer in the respite of premiums by fully declaring all relevant information on the basis.

The information that will be the basis for the insurer's acceptance of the risk requested to be insured must be included in the offer. The insurer determines the premium using the information contained in the quotation.

What are the consequences of providing false information in the quotation?

- if the insured's caste is accrued, the insurance policy november invalid.

- in cases where the insured does not have an november, the insurer chooses one of the options to keep the insurance policy in force or terminate it by receiving the difference in premiums in proportion to the weight of the risk.

After the occurrence of the damage or incomplete statements contrary to reality if it becomes known , is where the caste of the insured person, the compensation will not be paid, he is not safe, in the event that the accrued compensation in the apartment that must be filed between the premium and the premium is made available to download from Defiance.

However, in practice, it is very difficult to understand the insurer's caste, so it is difficult for the insured to claim if they have not filled out the offer correctly.

3- after the signing of the policy, it must continue to protect the property that is the subject of insurance with all due care and goodwill.

The insurer should not act in the way of thinking "somehow I got it insured, if it gets damaged, the insurance company pays".

4- when the risk occurs, it should not make an effort to show that the damage is greater than it is.

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Written by   33
6 months ago
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