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10 months ago
Topics: Happy, People, Children, Friends, Love, ...

For me, friend is one of the most precious things in life. It comes after my family.

My friends are in my heart.

My troublemaker is my dear companion.

He is the hardest for me to break off.

The one with whom I share all my troubles is the one with my problem.

It is the one I get the most strength, the most broken.


I met my best friend 9 years ago. Like every close friend, we didn't love each other very much. We had lots of good things together. We were with each other in our difficult moment. He was my biggest supporter. Of course I was for him too. We spent 9 years together. Huge 9 years.

Recently he lied to his family by giving my name and I got very angry with him. What he has done recently has also upset me. I didn't tell him, but I decided to distance.


I met my other best friends in high school. We have been friends for about 5 years. We don't have a bad memory. We still stick together very very very tightly


We've been friends with my next best friends for nearly 4 years. We became friends in high school 2nd grade. We don't have a very good dating story, but we love each other very much.

We supported each other in our most difficult moments.

He is one of the most peaceful people when hugged. I miss him so much.


My cousin

This year we got closer. He is a very pessimistic person. We get along very well, we talk all the time, we are always looking for each other. But he's so mixed up that he sometimes overwhelms me with what he says. I'm trying to heal him, I'm trying for it, but he's never trying. But my best friend.


I do not have many friends . Small and peaceful people. The people I trust most with whom I share everything. I am sure my friends will increase when I start college and I am sure it will be more fun. I do not lose hope for this. Energy comes to work harder. I love my friends so much.

Friend means family.

Thank you all for being a part of my life.

I love them all.

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Written by   19
10 months ago
Topics: Happy, People, Children, Friends, Love, ...
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