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11 months ago

I will tell you about the university exam preparation process.

I did not work. I never wanted to study. I was going to the internship. I was coming home very tired and was going to sleep right away. It was a very difficult process. When I went to school, I was trying to work but it wasn't enough.

The exam day has come. I took the exam, I had a hard time. Since I was at the same school with my closest friends, I got strength from them.

The exam is over, the results came, and I got better results than I expected. I had a lot of places to write, but I didn't want to choose it because of covid 19. Actually I do not regret it. I could not live the university life I wanted. Now I have the same lack of enthusiasm. I do not want to study and cannot adapt myself.

I know I can get better results.

You have small jobs now, I am helping my family. I am thinking of starting classes too.

I can get really good results when I work with enthusiasm, I know I lived a long time ago. Covidien and Turkey, attracts millions of suffering because of the student's educational opportunities. Despite everything, we believe. I know good things will happen because I don't think badly. I know I'm in a very complicated situation but I'm not losing hope. I would recommend it to everyone. Behind every bad event or situation there are good things.

Let's not lose hope.

Let's think good things and get good things. I wish everyone a good day.

Everything will be very nice

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God bless with your coming exam.

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10 months ago