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Difficulties I've had for days

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1 month ago
Topics: Life, Story, Father, Mother, University, ...

Hello. Now I want to write about a topic that he himself is involved in.

I love my family, but I've had enough. I know my mother is always behind me, but because of my father's bad thoughts, I was unable to live my life.

I'm trapped in the house, and I can't even feel alive. I clean every day, I cook various dishes, I can barely devote my time to myself, but my father doesn't see it. I'm getting cold from home every day. I don't believe my father loves me. He has no desire but to make me do all his work.

Everyone around him is listening, but he hasn't listened to me once.I feel like I'm dying day by day.

I'm not trying to make you sad or anything like that.

I just wanted to speak my mind.

I know you guys listen when even my father doesn't listen to me.

I won College. I'm so happy. On the one hand, I'm excited. Everyone around me was delighted. Dad's not happy.

He always says he won't go.

He was afraid something would happen to me.

But I just want to read and be happy.

I want to stand on my own two feet.

I want my father to support me.

I feel so powerless.

My cousin also goes to the school I won, and he started making excuses for it.

He says that's why he's going to school.

I wanted to write Izmir last year.

Both, I wanted it too.

But he didn't.

His friends thought it wasn't a good decision.

But I risked everything now.

I'm going to read.

Maybe there are some of you who are fathers.Dec.

I want to say something.

Please listen to your daughters.

When they tell you something, listen carefully and don't get mad at them .

Always be supportive. Be with him in his right decisions and in his wrong decisions.

If I can save some money, I'll be gone in no time. My mother will support me with me.

I'm alone in this life.

I'll handle everything myself.

We'd be more comfortable if we could get a house with my cousin and his friend.

Now I want your only goal in life to be happy.

I want to live to be happy.

I want to have fun traveling with my loved ones.

I want to put my head on the pillow peacefully in my own home.

I hate anyone who gets in my way.

I'm a strong 19-year-old young woman.

Of course, I will overcome everything.

Sometimes I'll be broke, sometimes I'll be hungry, but I'll still stand up.

I want to read. Just reading.

I want to work on my studies.

I want to attend events at my school. I want a ride. I want to get out of the house.

I've been home for 2 years and I've been doing chores.

I can't even breathe.

I don't want to cook anymore, I don't want to clean.

I want to go to school like my peers..

I'm dying in this house every day.

I've transferred a lot of negative energy to you, but I can feel it. We can't always be positive.

Please, fathers, understand your children.

I've been trying to write this article for about 4 days . I spoke to my father again this morning.

For some reason, everyone is involved in my life but me.

It's been a whole week today. I spoke to my grandfather and he listened to me. He said he'd talk to my father. He spoke and said that Turkey is going to a very bad place. He said he couldn't take it out of my sight .

It's all a lie all.

I don't believe any of it.

Today, in a loud voice cried.

I cried a lot. That's never happened before.

It was the first time I thought about suicide .

I hated everything..

I'll continue this path alone.

I'll stand on my own two feet upright .

I need money for this. I'm writing this for him.

My conclusion from this is that everyone will continue to live alone.

I have no supporters.

I'll continue my efforts alone .

I'll be a strong woman.

Be you, don't even trust your father.

Your father will be the first person to let you down .

I'm trying to make it 4 minutes. Psychological really broke down .

I keep living so mom doesn't get upset .

And I'm applying for a scholarship everywhere . I feel like a beggar .

Shame on him for putting me in this position.

He wouldn't let me have my happiness.

Thank God for your help.

Please pray for me.

Have a good evening .

Healthy days.

If you've read it, thank you very much.

I'm a bit relieved.

I hope the problems you face in life don't intimidate you.

You will continue on your way, standing upright and determined.

Remember, this is your life.

I'll build my own life..

Good night.

Allahım lütfen bana yardım et 🙏

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Avatar for Seri
Written by   19
1 month ago
Topics: Life, Story, Father, Mother, University, ...
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I am so sorry for your situation! Hope you will be better soon

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1 month ago

thank you for your comments. I wish everything would be all right as soon as possible. I believe.

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1 month ago