Dear future me.

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Dear Future Me

Hello everyone. I'm writing after a long break. In this article, I write a letter to myself. A letter I can read to the future. I suggest you all do that. I think we can all leave ourselves a note and read it years later and see what we've achieved or not. Pleasant reading 🥰


Dear Future Me.

I'm writing to you since I was 19.

First, I hope the corona virus is gone . Hard times are behind us . That's my biggest wish...

I know you're a brave girl standing tall. They can hardly tear you down.

I hope you continue to make my dreams come true. I'm writing for 10 years from now. My first goal was to take my profession into my own hands and build my own life. I have two professions in mind. Veterinary and cooking. I hope you've had one of them. It was hard for me not to read it, but you'll make it. Because you're a very strong young woman.

I hope you read College the way you wanted. I know they won't wash you. You continue to resist every challenge.

I wanted to live in Izmir after school. Find a job in Izmir and move there. I wanted a little house. I feel I've made it happen.

A house with a little garden. Of course, I have melons and our babies with me. Because I can't imagine doing it without them.

I don't know if I'll get married or not . I'll be 29 in 10 years, yes. I hope I've been able to combine my life with someone like me. I believe he'll be great.

Maybe I moved abroad with my wife. Or I don't even know that everything was fine in my country without having to.

Now one of the things I want most is to be a very successful chef. I will succeed. Maybe I did it. I've had restaurant chains. I wonder what my friends are up to. I hope I'm still seeing them all.

I've wanted to be a free woman all my life. I wanted to support women . Women, animals, and nature . I did all of this.

If I had a large amount of money, I would donate a lot. Children and animals. I'll do it for 10 years.

I really want to buy a trailer. Did I get?

And if I didn't, I still have time.

I want to travel as I wish . Freely.

If everything worked out in my country, I could do it. Will do. I can't promise, but I will. Maybe I did. I will continue.

I got a driver's license, that's for sure .

I always thought I'd be a trucker. I wanted a yellow truck . That's funny, but I hope I drove a truck.

My cousin and I have beautiful dreams. I'm not going to say that, because if I do, I won't...

I hope I did them, too.

And my family and I have beautiful dreams. I hope it happened first.

I hope everyone's healthy.


Here's what I'm thinking of doing.;

First, I will win the college exam. I'm going to college with my cousin. We'll get a house together and live together.

After school, I'll find a job, and we'll still live together. Maybe we could switch houses or change cities. We will visit you to enjoy. We'll get our lives in order.

I want to spend my life very well.

I want to live to the fullest.

I recommend it to everyone, especially my girlfriends. Take your profession into your own hands and then decide to get married.

You are powerful.

We are going through a very difficult time in my country.

From Covid to the murders of women.

This situation is deplorable, and no one has found a solution.

Child molestation, rapes, murders.

These are terrible.

The more we think about it, the more we die, and there's a cure.

No practice.

I hated it. So are my friends my age.

The sound that much.

But no one's doing what might be the solution.

I hope in 10 years this is behind us. All beautiful people could breathe comfortably. I hope to live in peace and safety.

I wish all good people could live in abundance.

I wish I could live fairly.

If you've read this far, thank you very much. Have a healthy day.

Stay healthy, beautiful person.

Dear Future myself. I love myself. Love yourselves.

I love you guys.

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Upvoting u bcoz of ur decent lines.keep it up love u

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