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being alone is a need

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11 months ago
Topics: Good, Day, Time, Need, Alone, ...

I need to be alone.

I need to stay alone for a while to understand myself.

I want to go home separately.

I want to stay alone and learn about life.

I want to go out in the evening and spend time with my friends.

I want to discard my responsibilities and learn about my own responsibilities.

Sometimes I find it difficult to look at a lot of people.

I help my father, I do housework, I care for children, I take care of our animals, I cook every day. I am really tired.

A side, I throw the strength to prepare for the university exam, but I am so tired and fall asleep immediately.

My head is about to explode

On the one hand, my mother is making a noise, on the other hand I am about to cry from the sound of television and anger.

I'm trying to write an article, I can't get my sentences together.

If I'm alone I can open a song and write your articles, but it's not possible.

I don't have money to go home separately.

Corona doesn't allow this anyway.

I'm writing here because it feels like therapy to me. Like diary.

It has been a long time since I came to the current situation.

I get very angry and shut myself in any room and cry.

This is definitely the activity I will do in a moment.

It would be fine if I was with a hoarse song, a few drinks and my computer.

The first thing I will do in the future will be to go home separately.

The people I talk about say you're looking for an escape from home, but they don't have any of my responsibilities.

I don't want to run away from home.

I want to have my own responsibilities.

I want to be hungry when necessary, but I just want to stand up.

Only I can take care of myself in my life.

I will support myself.

They don't try to understand me a little.

Now I'll tell you what I want to be.

"I'm at my own home. I open my song and I'm cooking.

I'm listening to nostalgic songs again.

I'm telling on the one hand.

I have cooked my meal and I will set the table right that the door is knocking.

I open the door.

My friends are standing in front of me.

Bags in their hands.

I invite you inside.

We eat together. Then we put on our pajamas and sing together. We drink and sing until the morning. We talk and have fun. "

I want and need such an activity very much.

I know we are all overwhelmed at home.

But I have many, many responsibilities. Nobody understands. Except for my best friend.

While I was telling my dream, I lived in a moment.

I'm going a little bit aplamaua now.

I love you all.

I wish you a good

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Written by   20
11 months ago
Topics: Good, Day, Time, Need, Alone, ...
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I hope you're not passing through depression. Don't think too much about it. Keep yourself busy so you can take your mind off it.

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11 months ago

Thank you so much for your comment. I'm just going through a difficult process. I hope to be well soon.

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10 months ago