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Beautiful Denizli/ my university life

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1 month ago

Hello everyone.

After all the difficulties I have experienced and written about the last time, I am writing to you from my university dorm room.

I want to be more active, but I have to study. My exams will start very soon. I will try to be more active after my exams.

I am studying at Pamukkale university, department of banking and insurance. My classes are a little boring, but I will work hard to succeed.

I'm going to a guitar course and an oil painting course.

There are many beautiful places in the city where I live, and I want to share these beauties with you.

I live in a district, but I'm in the district closest to the center. This is a small place . It's a quiet, quiet city, but the people are bad.

Men look at women with a very bad eye. I hope everyone will be fine soon.

First, I want to start with Pamukkale travertines.


Pamukkale is a very rich region in terms of thermal water. Already Pamukkale has been used as a spa / medical center for 2300 years. In fact, it had a great impact on the fact that the ancient city of Hierapolis, which is immediately adjacent to it, was a rich and important city. People from different geographies came here to find healing or rich bosses who retired came to complete their lives here. At the moment, it is also known that it is good for some skin diseases that are dry and itchy.

It is also these thermal waters and the minerals in them that give Pamukkale this white image. The temperature of the thermal waters in the region varies from 35 to 100 dec When it comes into contact with oxygen, calcium carbonate in the water reacts and precipitates. That's the sediment we feel under our feet in the travertines. Over time, the sediment of this gel consistency hardens and forms travertines. In the same way, it begins to cover the places where it flows over.

To put it more scientifically: Thermal water rich in Calcium Carbonate comes into contact with oxygen when it comes to the surface, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide in the water fly away with this contact, and only Calcium Carbonate remains. Calcium Carbonate, which precipitates, accumulates at the top over time and solidifies (because initially this precipitation occurs in the consistency of a gel) to form travertines. There are a total of 17 thermal water sources in the region with temperatures between 35 and 100 DEC, and they travel an average of 240 – 300 m from the source to the area where they form the travertines, and paint the places they pass white over time.


Pamukkale Travertines, as you know, are the second natural site of Turkey, like Cappadocia, included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. UNESCO also expects that if it gives this title, it will be protected in the best way, and it also always checks the compliance of the practices with the book. In short, he gives me the title and doesn't give up on it. Even if the protection criteria are not met, these places are even removed from the list. Those who lose this title become both a big fund and their tourism potential decreases.

Pamukkale was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List and made its name around the world in the late 80s and early 90s, travertines fell victim to unconscious appetites who wanted to grab a share of glowing tourism. The hotel, Pamukkale to the bottom of pollution, groundwater contamination, incorrect zoning permits, visitors yet increasing day by day trip over to stop them properly and build up layers of calcium rigor's not in Pamukkale darken. As Pamukkale darkened, we also tied up the land.

The hotels part was solved in the 90s. until 20 years ago, hotels were almost completely inside the Pamukkale Travertines. But when the snow-white color of the travertines began to fade with the resulting air pollution, the state also removed the zoning permit around the travertines and the hotels in the region. That is why now the hotels of spa tourism are located a few km downstream of the travertines.

There are also new arrangements for visitors. Now when you come here, you can't enter the terrace parts of the travertines. You get away with it and walk without shoes only from the part reserved for you. Anyone can still swim or sit on the travertines. There are several terraces open where you can experience hot water, but when you look at them in general, you can no longer enjoy thermal water anywhere you want as before. Of course, this is a timely measure to ensure that the World Heritage is not lost.

Another measure was to switch to a controlled water treatment system by Pamukkale Municipality. In any case, the constant pouring of water into the same place is also not to the benefit of the travertines. Because the water that has been poured into the same place for a long time also causes mossing and yellowing. In addition to the amount of water, heat, weather conditions, the spread and duration of the flow are also important factors in maintaining whiteness.

In addition, the entrances to the travertines and the Hierapolis area have also been rearranged in accordance with UNESCO protection sanctions. For example, private vehicles are prohibited from entering the area except in case of emergency. The municipality has started public transport services from the center to here. Vehicle entrances and exits to the area have been removed from the travertines.


the thematic park is located in the Kınıklı neighborhood of Pamukkale district. The cruising hill near the campus of Pamukkale university also serves as a thematic park. 405bin square meters which is built in the park area restaurants, terraces, adventure trails, tunnels, artificial, artificial waterfall, mountain boarding, zipline, Kay Kay fields, children's play areas, walking paths and many of the world's largest statue awaits you with cock. When you come to visit the thematic park, definitely take a day off and enjoy the moment. I suggest you try zipline and mountain sledding in particular.

What does thematic park mean ? In other words, an amusement park is a park where there are indoor and outdoor entertainment areas in large areas. As there are games that you will play as a group in these parks, you can do activities on the trails alone.

Giant Denizli Cock

The Giant Denizli Rooster located on Denizli Seyir Hill is 27 meters high. The room with night lighting offers a beautiful visual.  Special illuminations are made to the rooster statue on special occasions.

How to get to Denizli seyir hill

How to get to Denizli seyir hill ? If you are going to go by private car, you will see the Forest Regional Directorate after passing the Denizli technopark, which is located on the campus of Pamukkale University. You can enter the Seyir tepesi road right nearby. Bus lines pass near Seyir Tepesi. Bus numbers; 191, 250, 320, 340, 430. You can get on the bus signs that say Pamukkale University in writing. After passing the technopark, you need to get off and take free vehicles to the cruise hill.

Like I said, it's a really beautiful city. I have a lot of places to sleep.

I want to live my college life to the fullest.

I hope you like it.

I will try to make such shares.

Want health.

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Written by   23
1 month ago
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I am reading you first time. I am glad i found a Person who is nature lover or maybe a good photographer too like me.
I am conscious where are you from? I can guess you are a science student. Because as you told about calcium carbonate this is chemical last time i was using it in my lab. This is so relative.

Whoa, look at white lack. Almighty created it so beautiful. I think this is Italy? Am i right. Wawooo amazing. These clicks are yours???

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1 month ago

thank you for your nice comment, my friend. i am a banking student and I wanted to write about the beauties of the city where I studied at university. I wanted to share. this is Turkey. I am studying in denizli province of Turkey. i recommend you to come if you fall in the way one day.

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1 month ago

Oh nice to meet you too yeah, i love turkey. Drop me your Instagram ! Can we talk there i have to learn Turkish language. Because of artugrazl gazi serial. Can we talk on Instagram. If yes than send me here @(imaasi)

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1 month ago

My Instagram : _seri___

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1 month ago

Okay I text you there

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1 month ago