The importance of knowing your identity!

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People questioned themselves about what is the purpose of their life, what role they must play in world, or even the meaning of their lifes. it is fundamental to human life towards the word survival and happiness that want to feel satisfaction and achieve. that is where the searching of identity enter. people tend to be curious about there real identity to fulfill the blank in their heart.

Despite the hardwork of seeking, human cannot be achieved for the full meaning, because determining one's identity is a lentgthly procss that must be completed nd thoroughly comprehended. Even it is just to know oneself better. The process of determining the starting point of one's journey through life in search of the meaning of happiness. knowing who we are is the first step towards achieveing the objectives and accomplishments we desire.

Words can express and symbolize many different types of identity. from the perspective of attitude, decisions making, problem solving and life order. there are numerous things that may be stated to have a positive effect on oneself when you are aware of yourself.ofcourse after a long voyage of life experiencing a lot of things learning new values, many people claim to have reached their adulthood.

There are so many things to be gained from understanding the idea of identity. Where it can help with improving decision-making, tolerance, reducing various disputes, having a broad perspective, and patience which of course, improves through time.

We can learn about our own worth as part of the process of getting to know ourselves. Which aspect of this value is more dominant? Diverse, to be sure, and these values have an impact on pur understanding of what is appropriate and can flourish in our lives.

Knowing the issue value of existense in terms of identification. Then we may use what we've learned about our own preferences and intersects to our own lives. Of course, many things stated about the problem of interest, but because they have gone through the process of discovering their own identity, they can be reduced down in the end. So certain topics pique oir own interest and which do not? this likkig or interest can serve as predictor of our future state.

Then there's your own personality's attitude to consider. In terms of personality, we wil be aware of our own individuality, as well as the existense of personality patterns and the source of our greatest energy. It is a state of mind that includes the felling of rage, patience, compassions, and other emotions. We can determine which is the best course of action based on personality. Which one should be minimized or eliminated since it makes us look.

All of the above are procedures and actions that can be brought together in one location to determine our identity and appreciate it for the activities of life that we engage in. Recognizing our own identity would be able to bring many benefits to actions and decisions done on time in daily activities of all kinds and unforeseen situations.

Whether good or evil, useful or not, life's purpose and meaning are ultimately sought,so that the long process of discovering one's identity has importance for the individual. we can discover what is meaningful in our past livez and what will be meaningful in our future lives. All of the strength will be fund in him. strength wil be found in him, strenght will be required to face the life that has been lived and will be shown in front of us later. Make having a positive attitude more meaningful

Finally, with all these things, the sensation will be fine-tuned, and the meaning of life willl be understood through the process of discovering ones identity . As a resukts, feling will ultimately take precedence and set boundaries in all that is confronted. Realizing the importatnce of social life, becoming more self-reliant, respectful, and capable of learning from everything that has been experienced.

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I have also once ask myself with what was really the purpose of my life, and that actually help me create my own mission.. knowing our purpose help us grow.

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2 years ago

The moment when our questions were answered that's the time we will be stronger

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2 years ago

Welcome to, Senku!

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2 years ago

Thank you po, @Bloghound

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2 years ago