The Formula of Happiness

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It is difficult to know the formula for happiness, but the following items can be very effective in living a happier life.

1. Embrace minimalism and get rid of all items you don't use.

Donate to the needy, sell through second-hand sales apps or give to someone you know. Just get rid of the pots of pots in the kitchen, clothes we don't use, shoes and household items you will never wear again. You will feel light.

2. Apply the same to the people you take into your life; Keep in mind that loneliness is not such a bad thing, and create an opportunity to stay with yourself.

One of the things that we do not notice in the hustle and bustle of daily life is that we are not listening to ourselves ... Therefore, try to narrow your circle of friends; happiness is really there.

3. Take care of your body, stop consuming garbage, cook your own food at home if possible.

Although it is difficult from time to time, making healthy nutrition a principle and applying it is a psychologically relaxing habit. So, give up foods that you don't need, that just instantly make you feel good, that don't have any benefit. Return those chips to the aisle immediately.

4. Do not say "If I write my life, there will be no novels" and keep a diary.

Even if it doesn't work at all, it makes you remember the old, shows you how you used to be, reminds you of your past mistakes.

5. Do not use credit cards as much as possible, make your payments in cash, do not have to think about the next month.

We all pass the same roads. We hand the credit card thoughtlessly everywhere and are shocked when the statement arrives. As soon as we spend our expenses in cash, we will act according to our wallet, so everything will be much easier.

6. Stay away from social media as much as possible, turn off television, and be exposed to the least amount of popular culture.

Although it may seem impossible these days, although many of us depend on social media, what we have to do is very simple: spend as little time as possible.

7. Make simple exercises, even if they are not professional, the routine of your life, do not bother to move, create time.

Even if it's half an hour in the morning, it's worth waking up early ...

8. Return to nature and green, get away from the city full of concrete and chaos, take a journey towards yourself.

Although what we are saying may seem like a lot of air, it is actually not. Even a simple green field walk will help you gather your head, develop your creativity, and focus.

9. Stop constantly controlling yourself, ruthlessly criticizing, directing yourself.

You know some things are out of your reach, so let go and believe in the power of divine things.

10. Do not ask questions whose answers you know, do not allow people to say words in a way that will allow them to hurt you.

Sometimes, even willingly, according to the end we ask people questions and we continue to live with our heartbreak; restlessly ... Why? Don't let that happen.

11. Do not be tempted to read the classics, do not be exposed to music that you do not like because other people are listening, and go to activities that you enjoy even if it is empty.

Don't fall for the sickness of doing the things that everyone does; You do not have to watch foreign series, read classics, eat gourmet meals, listen to music far from you. Turn to whatever makes you happy.

12. It does not matter in your business or private life; Choose realistic goals for yourself and move forward with those goals.

Ups and downs, falling on stones or suddenly going somewhere elseā€¦ Everything is possible in human life. As long as you set your goal on realistic foundations.

13. If you want to get rid of your worries, get rid of your anxiety and find peace, set a purpose for yourself.

Belonging to a place, connecting to a person, being part of a group ... Anyway, make it happen and pay attention to whatever you're looking for.


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3 years ago


Happiness is mostly a choice. Of course, we can mostly choose to be happy, even though sometimes it is very difficult. Nice article thanks.

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3 years ago

Yes I think too ... Thank you very much for your nice thoughts. Yours...

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3 years ago