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3 years ago
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We realize the value of some things when we lose it. Like health, like breathing, like being loved ... Everything we do easily on a daily basis is actually a blessing. While our lungs are healthy, we do not know the value of breathing. Going to the toilet, eating, drinking, walking, running and everything is so precious that we are grateful moment by moment for all this if we can understand.

We understand the value of health when we are sick, we know the value of good things when bad things happen to us. In order to appreciate goodness, we may have to go through bad things. Even evil is important for us to understand how precious good is.

We understand how precious it is to be healthy in these days when we struggle with such diseases.

We understand that there are great people who love and value us who are always with us, when they are with us when we struggle with difficulties. Loving and being loved is so important, so magnificent that it can be difficult to understand.

Greetings to our loved ones, friends, friends and those who love us, who are with us in good and bad days. They're glad they do.

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