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You attract what you "voluntarily"

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1 month ago

Do we know what we want?

Or are we like a leaf that the storm hurls us around?

Do we constantly blame life, people and find ourselves holding on to everything we have to stay out of our comfort zone?

I always tell in my seminars: The biggest reason why our creations don't come true is that we don't know what we really want. You think you want to be a manager, but you avoid the responsibility of this position. You think you want to have children, but your fear of losing your freedom may be stronger than your desire to have children. You say that you want to regain your health, but you may not realize that you are nourished by the disease (that you receive attention, care, affection, love in this way), and perhaps even that you hold your loved ones together with this disease.

And then?

None of these creations you make will come true. Because your subconscious mind is working against you, not with you. What your mind has learned in our thousands of years of evolution is to keep you safe and alive: by keeping everything that stresses you away (even if it's your biggest dream) away from you.

When the thing you want to create will not give you fear, worry, anxiety, but peace and serenity, then your creation will come true. The main question is: Do you dare to change? If so, it's time to show it to the universe and start the change...

Dear God,

I greet you.

Mysterious Being,

your appearance

and what i learned

I want you to manifest

so that I can gain understanding.

Dear God,

for me to change

Give me courage and strength.

I love you.

So be it.

Until we meet again, stay with love...

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Written by   7
1 month ago
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