Friday Forex trading is involved too many risks

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Friday is closing day for forex trading. There are so many factors that implicated too many risks.

Currency news

All important news normally come on Friday. So the rate of all currency fluctuates too much which can make a big loss.

Investor is Relax

Many investors do not trade on that day mainly in the USA season. so any currency pair can move reverse direction due to pressure release.

Market closing factor

After Friday, next 2 days market off. During these off days, anything happens in any country which can move the market in the reverse direction. So many investors do not trade on Friday.

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Risk is one of the important elements in trading, infact it is one of the relevant elements as far as business is concerned, so we must have it at the back of our mind, that what we are doing are risks taking,

But risks alone shouldn't be a problem to us because apart from risk in business (trading) others elements are there which we must consider, even in Crypto trading, Friday's are always not favourable, to me, I used to think Maybe it because of weekend as there will be no work on those days.

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