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Myths about Depression

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1 year ago

Today, mental health issues are starting to rise again. Now, we'll talk about the misconception about depression. We should know what depression is. Listed below are the myths and facts about it.

Myth Number 1: Depression is all in your head.

Fact Number 1: Depression is not just in your head. There are also debilitating physical symptoms such as, loss of weight, dark circles around your eyes, and etc.

Myth Number 2: Depression is not a real illness.

Fact Number 2: Depression is a mental illness so yes, it is a real illness. It needs a psychological assistance and guidance as well as medication.

Myth Number 3: Depression can only affect women.

Fact Number 3: Depression affects men too. According to the study, men are more likely to commit suicide because if depression.

Myth Number 4: You can 'snap out of it' and it's gone.

Fact Number 4: Nobody choses to be depressed! You cannot snap out of a mental illness. It needs psychological assistance and medication.

Myth Number 5: Depression is a sign of weakness.

Fact Number 5: People who are depressed or nearly experiencing it, are much strongee than theh think! Depression is NOT a sign of weakness. Fighting the demon within yourself is the most brave thing you can do.

If you are experiencing depression, you may call out to get a psychological assistance or you may want to to open it up to the person whom you really comfortable with.

You're definitely not weak you go through repeated pain most people never or rarely experience you're a badass!

Remember to always treat people with kindness and don’t EVER STIGMATISE people suffering from mental health illnesses, they are in a very sad and hard stage. They need someone who understands them, not someone who will stigmatise them with misconceptions.

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Written by   44
1 year ago
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