Journey in Photography

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Hello readers! I'm going to tell you how I came up with different photos and how it turned out to be instagramable.

First, I want you all to know that I'm not a professional photographer, I'm only doing Mobile Photography, because I don't have a Camera or DSLR. I'm still exploring the wide world of Photography. I'm still learning.

I'll show you some of my photos. Some of them are edited using Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop. But there are few of them are Raw pictures, no editing happened.

Below are my pictures that I taken personally.

What can you say about my photos? I would love to read and take your tips and advices for me. I want to learn from you all.

All photos are captured by my phone; Oppo A57

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Good photography. But there is always room for learning. Keep trying different angles and surely you will get better and better

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3 years ago