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1 year ago

Being hospitable means you're a welcome person. Filipinos are known to be the most welcoming people. Even you are just a stranger they'll invite you to enter their houses.

I'll give you an example. When a foreign doesn't have a hotel to sleep for a night, he or she might ask or knock on several houses and ask if they can spend their night with them.

When that Filipino family felt that the foreign is honest, they'll immediately let him to sleep in their houses. They'll let them eat as well. Sometimes, some of the family will let the stranger sleep on their bedroom to have a comfortable night.

Another scenario is when there's a festival. Filipinos are celebrating different festivals and they are usually have a small eating feast in their our houses. During a festival, all houses are open to anyone who would want to eat with them. Even you're from different barangay or province, they will welcome you and they will also give you some take home food.

Being hospital is a trademark of Philippines. If you ask some foreigner about what's the trait of Filipino, all of them will tell you that we, Filipinos are very hospitable.

It's just means that in Philippines, who ever you are or whenever country you came from, what every your race and ethnicity is, we will welcome you and treat you as our family.

This is just one of some good traits of every Filipino citizen.

I hope that you like my work. Don't forget to like to know more about Philippine and Filipinos.

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Yes big check with this article 👍👍👍 Filipino People are Hospitable 👍👍👍 Yan ang tunay na ugali ng nga Pinoy ❤️❤️

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1 year ago

Ito Yung mga gstong gsto ng mga foreigners Yung paggng hospitable natin

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1 year ago