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History; Myths or Facts?

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1 year ago

Hi guys!

In this article, I'll tell you some popular ‘facts’ about Philippine history that are apparently wrong.

Princess Urduja may be a mere legend, and not a historical figure.

According to legend, the Filipino heroine Princess Urduja ruled an island called Tawalisi within the 14th century. She led a bunch of warrior women called Kinalakihan, or the Amazons, across battlefields, and was known for her kindness and intelligence.

She is claimed to own taken no husband because she would only choose a person who was braver, wiser, and stronger than she was, and no-one had enough guts to do to beat her in battle.

However, it’s also believed by many who Urduja actually existed as there have been records of her within the accounts of Moroccan traveler and scholar in Battuta.

A common theory is that Tawalisi was located in what's now referred to as Pangasinan, although common guesses for the princess’ native home also include Java, Cambodia, and China.

Lapu-Lapu killed Fernand Magellan.

Even first-graders know Lapu-Lapu, the ruler of Mactan who is additionally the primary Philippine hero. He led his men to win the battle of Mactan against Portuguese colonizer Ferdinand Magellan (who probably preferred to be called “explorer” and clearly failed to “discover” the Philippines), and is sometimes said to own killed Magellan within the fight.

The image may inspire nationalism, but the reality is, it’s impossible to inform whether Magellan did lose his life directly at the hands of Lapu-Lapu, who is also less young and vital than he's commonly depicted.


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Written by   44
1 year ago
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