A fantastic use case for SatoshiWall as a spin-off website

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3 years ago

Guys like looking at naked gals. Fact.

Look at the popularity of any porn site as proof. More specifically, look at the popularity of user submitted forums like gonewild or realgirls on reddit.

Now imagine a version of those forums that implements SatoshiWall:

  • Woman creates an anonymous account. Perhaps using Badger like Read.cash.

  • She uploads a nude

  • In the interface of the website she can selectively blur the "fun parts" of the image.

  • She sets the price to reveal the full image and presses upload.

  • Users scroll through a feed and buy content they want the full image to.

  • Website takes a small percent, uploader takes the rest.

Bonus features of the site:

  • Allow followers.

  • Mimic the pleasing aesthetic of instagram (except nipples are allowed, take that Zuck!)

  • Optionally allow "crowd funding" of content. When the fund amount is reached the content becomes free for everyone.

  • Verified users. Mimic the verification process of r/realgirls by having a user submit a picture with the date and their username handwritten on their body or on a piece of paper. This vastly eliminates spam uploads and nude images ripped from porn websites giving the site an authentic user-submitted feel.

  • Affiliate links and revenue sharing similar to read.cash.


  • Marketing. Like any social network this NSFW content site suffers the classic chicken-and-egg problem of needing paying users to entice adult content and needing content to attract paying users. The solution here might be to sponsor a few porn-stars or models to use the site for the first few months and hope there's enough horny people in the BCH community to bootstrap the website's economy.

  • Other stuff I haven't thought of.

The current implementation of SatoshiWall is great but I think the real potential is in Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content. The first person to make a website like this wins the internet. Even ignoring the marketing problem this is likely a profitable business model in the medium to long term.

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3 years ago


Good thinking!

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3 years ago

Good stuff. I'm considering adding accounts (that being optional, of course) and some other social media features. It's easier to sell content when you already have a reputation.

Regarding the noodz: One simple way of implementing your idea is to allow users to upload a snippet/preview to the content, which would be the censored image in this instance.

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3 years ago

So you are basically asking for apply the principle that every technology will end being used for porn, huh?

Yes, this could be useful just for open-minded people that don't mind to upload some nudes (not just women, I can bet there could be also men and groups uploading their content) and don't want to have to justify their incomes to the state

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3 years ago