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Holiday Giveaway Winners: Use, an NFT Marketplace

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1 week ago

Thanks to everyone for participating in the holiday giveaway series!

Users were asked to place a bid on, an NFT marketplace built on smartBCH.

A total of 206 bids were made by 58 unique addresses that were greater than 0.005 BCH during the giveaway period.

All 58 unique addresses were rewarded with approximately $7.33 in Bitcoin Cash. In addition, 5 users were also sent CashCat NFTs.

Thanks to Jay at for making this giveaway possible by providing the smartBCH data and donating 5 CashCat NFTs!

Review the list of winning addresses and rewards.

If you have any questions about the giveaway or suggestions, join us on telegram!

$ 5.90
$ 5.90 from @TheRandomRewarder
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Sad I put 3 bids that time worth 0.01 per bid.. guess not my luck 😌 congrats to the winners

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1 week ago

I wish I had won this giveaway but thanks for all you do satoshi ❤️👍

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1 week ago