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Dining in [Tokyo] with Crypto: BCH, BTC, ETH, and more!

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1 week ago

In this video we go on a BCH adventure all across Tokyo with Satoshi's Angels Co-Founder Akane.

Join Akane as she visits shops, bars, restaurants and even gets her hair done all paid for in Bitcoin Cash!

- Merchants Covered in This Video -

Ramen Jinanbou (Ramen Restaurant) - Nogata

Hatamo Chiropractic - Nogata

Brewdog (Pub) - Roppongi

Yukizaki (Watch and jewelry)- Roppongi

Pink Cow (Cal-Mex Restaurant) - Akasaka

Craic (Irish Pub)- Akasaka

Dot & Blue (Jazz bar)- Akasaka

Dobrogi (Hungarian Pub) - Akasaka

Mint (Hair salon)- Ebisu

Downtown B’s (Indian Restaurant) - Roppongi

Gluten Free T’s Cafe - Roppongi

Payment services and tools used in this vide:

Merchant Side:


Bitcoin Cash Register App



Customer Side: Wallet

Edge Wallet

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Written by   294
1 week ago
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Hontou desu ka! Wow! Tokyo is adapting to crypto, and that too is BCH payment options. I remember having an extended stay in Chofu, Tokyo, between Oct 2000 and Mar 2002 on a research scholarship at the Denki Tsushin Daigaku (The University of Electro-Communications), Tokyo.

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