BCH Weekly News#42 (Aug 23rd, 2021)

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  • The first decentralized exchange (DEX) on SmartBCH, a sidechain of BCH, has been deployed by BenSwap. Originally a DEX project on the BSC chain, you can check it out here: bchdex.benswap.finance.

  • Cryptocurrency exchange CoinFlex now supports the cross-chain transfer of BCH. Users can deposit BCH and then withdraw it to the SmartBCH chain via CoinFlex, thus enabling cross-chain transfers. Likewise, users can withdraw BCH from the smartBCH chain to the mainnet via CoinFlex.

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  • BCH power wallet Electron Cash has released v4.2.5, which not only fixes a few bugs, but also improves CashFusion. CashFusion is a fully decentralized privacy protocol that allows anyone to create multi-party transactions with other network participants. This process obscures user's real spending and makes it difficult for chain-analysis companies to track your coins.

  • Jason Dreyzehner, a former BitPay employee and now a BCH software developer, proposed a new CHIP (CasH Improvement Proposal) -- ZCEs, or Zero-Confirmation Escrows. According to him, ZCEs enable instant, incentive-secure payments on Bitcoin Cash, and are particularly useful in point-of-sale, ATM, and vending applications where payers have no prior or ongoing relationship with the payee.

  • CashFusion Red Team's Flipstarter campaign to raise funding of 18BCH was a success. They will probe for weaknesses in the privacy guarantees of the CashFusion protocol and user utilization of it, and inform Electron Cash developers to fix or mitigate. CashFusion is a clever implementation of the CoinJoin concept released in July 2020, and it has provided a potent tool to BCH users who want to protect their privacy.

  • Koingfu.com, a web community for the next generation of crypto adopters and a gateway into Bitcoin Cash decentralized finance, has successfully completed its Flipstarter campaign to raise 158 BCH. The funds will be used to cover the costs of servers, development, and security framework.

  • One.Surgery tweeted that the first ever scientific peer review publication crowdfunded with cryptocurrency was published. One.Surgery is a platform originally created in March 2018 by Saqib Noor, a British orthopaedic surgeon. The aim of One.Surgery is to provide world class educational tools and a bold voice to those improving surgical standards across the world.

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