BCH Weekly News - Nov 30

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  • Bitcoin.com wallet offers a brand new exciting feature to send BCH directly via a link on email/text.

  • According to the court, Chinese police have seized crypto assets including 79,581 Bitcoin Cash(BCH) during the PlusToken ponzi crackdown. All gains from seized assets will be forfeited to the national treasury. source

  • Bitcoin Unlimited announced that they are adding double spend protection on their client, which will make instant transactions more secure.

  • General Protocol sponsored BCH organizations such as BCHD, Cashscript, Electron Cash, Libauth, and Spedn, as they provide tremendous value to General Protocol.

  • Bitcoin ABC released Electrum ABC wallet for users to send, receive and store BCHA. source

  • There are now more than 40 major businesses accepting Bitcoin Cash in Antigua thanks to the GoCrypto team. source

  • CoinParty hackathon will be hosted by Bitcoin Unlimited. Satoshi's Angels becomes the advisor for the team. source

  • Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin commented that "voluntarim.dev" attacked BCHA with the explicit goal of destroying it. He believed that using proof-of-stake mechanism could prevent attacks with no recourse.

  • According to Grayscale's market data, its Bitcoin Cash offerings are trading at premiums of more than 1000%. source

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