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BCH Weekly News #99 (September 26, 2022)

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2 months ago

  • Australians who would prefer all organic foods, groceries and healthcare products and also want to pay for them with BCH can rejoice as Family Life Organics now accepts BCH. Family Life Organics supports local farmers and growers and have huge stocks of specialty dietary products.

  • BCH Argentina has begun its 3rd Flipstarter campaign to further the adoption efforts they spearhead in Argentina. Funding will help support multiple events including "Chocolate Night" where people who buy chocolates from BCH accepting merchants will be reimbursed after posting their purchases on social media.

  • Paytaca, the Bitcoin Cash super wallet, has recently begun a marketing push with new materials. Recently the Philippines, where Paytaca is based, ranked 2nd in global crypto adoption.

  • Sherlock's Pub, one of the biggest chains in India with 20 locations in Bangalore alone, now accepts Bitcoin Cash having been recently onboarded by Sunny.

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2 months ago
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I'm a Paytaca wallet user even though I don't live in the Philippines, but this wallet is amazing because it can store tokens and NFT. I like this wallet. Paytaca Wallet is my second wallet after the wallet.

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