BCH Weekly News #96 (September 05, 2022)

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  • A new BCH meetup group has started in Minnesota. The Meetup will be held on September 14th at 6pm. For more information or to see if there is a BCH meetup held in your city please check meetup.com or the meetup app which you can download to your mobile device.

  • An IPFS based alternative to the Bitcoin Cash crowdfunding platform Flipstarter has recently run its own campaign for development funding and it succeeded. Interplanetary Flipstarter is a simpler and more user friendly version of the protocol.

  • Due to some misunderstandings in the community recently, the moderators of the r/bitcoincash subreddit have decided to clarify the rules of the subreddit. r/btc is a more general all versions of bitcoin sub where as r/bitcoincash is meant to be focused on mainchain Bitcoin Cash. For further details please see the post on reddit.

  • The Bitcoin Collab team has been hard at work creating hardware solutions exclusively for the BCH space. The most recent addition shown on twitter is a BCH funded vending machine. Though they also make payment modules, servos and other BCH controlled hardware.

  • The Zapit BCH wallet team held a contest online to see who could best describe Bitcoin Cash in just 2 words. The 3 best answers will be given prizes in BCH! Check their twitter to see if your answer was selected.

  • A Lebanese BCH supporter and graphics designer known as "Dwellers Art" on twitter has been pumping out BCH centric computer graphics, animations, videos, photos and memes and has been posting them online tagged free to use for all. People interested in adding some great BCH graphics to their sites, projects and groups should check out his free to use work.

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BCH will cross BTC in future. It's running good and outstanding really.. #BCH is my favourite and weakness.. I can't live without #BCH. I consider that #BCH is life.

I always watch logo of "Dwellers Art " related to # Bitcoincash on noise cash.

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