BCH Weekly News #95 (August 29, 2022)

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  • "BCH developer Imaginary Username recently posted on twitter that he was able to successfully conduct a BCH BULL transaction alpha test on mainchain. The BCH Bull is a decentralized web application on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, utilizing AnyHedge technology (created by General Protocols). The BCH Bull application facilitates smart contracts between users, enabling users to long Bitcoin Cash against multiple tradeable assets with up to 10x leverage. "

  • The Bitcoin Cash Hangout Twitter Space #8 was held on the 28th of August and included guests Jason Dreyzehner to talk about Cash Token and Jedex, and Sunny to give an update about the upcoming conference.

  • The Bitcoin Cash Podcast featuring "Fiendish Crypto" is now available online. Topics of this episode range from statistics to the upcoming BCH conference in St. Kitts that Fiendish is helping to organize.

  • Dubai has now joined the growing list of cities around the globe where Bitcoin Cash meetups are being held. The Meetup will be held on August 28th at 3pm and each guest will get a free drink. For more information or to see if there is a BCH meetup held in your city please check meetup.com or the meetup app which you can download to your mobile device.

  • The decentralized travel ecosystem site "Xceltrip" has added Bitcoin Cash to their payment options. Travelers wanting to pay in BCH for their travel can now stay at over 2.3 million hotels and take over 450 different flights all paid with BCH.

  • Electron Cash developer Jonald Fyookball announced on reddit that a new RPA Fulcrum server has been added. RPA stands for "Reusable Payment Addresses". For increased privacy people are able to issue a "paycode" that people can send funds to, but not directly tie to the address the code is assigned to. For donations or other types of static addresses people may not want to change often this feature allows for added privacy.

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Interesting, are you guys doing them in Spanish?

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