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BCH Weekly News #92 (August 8, 2022)

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  • After the hacking of Tokyo based exchange Mt. Gox in 2014, Japan cracked down on Bitcoin ATMs with harsh KYC and regulations that made ATMs extremely difficult to operate. Finally registered BCH users in Japan can rejoice as there will now be ATMs available thanks to GAIA . At launch the "BTMs" Will support BCH, BTC, LTC and ETH.

  • Jeremy Celebrates BCH day with another podcast episode. This episode focused on all the events of the past year but also discussed the current issues in the BCH and greater crypto community and beyond.

  • Once again Satoshi's Angels has hosted a Bitcoin Cash Network Discussion. This month's discussion topic was "BCH DAY #5 A YEAR IN REVIEW". The discussion was held as a live Twitter space but has been uploaded to the Satoshi's Angels Youtube page for ease of access.

  • A massive global BCH onboarding effort is being conducted by Sunny. After multiple requests, he has finally released a video showing how he goes about onboarding merchants. After the success of part 1, he has now released part 2.

  • To help aid in the ongoing dispute with distressed crypto exchange coinFLEX, the team at have compiled the community's questions and have submitted them to coinFLEX who has promised to answer them promptly. You will be able to read the questions and the answers at:

  • The dream of a decentralized marketplace for physical and digital goods as well as cryptocurrencies lives on in a fork of the original OpenBazaar project called "Mobazha". The team recently launched a Flipstarter campaign to help raise funds for further development and all 165BCH was raised.

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Written by   305
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