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BCH Weekly News #91 (August 1, 2022)

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2 weeks ago
  • Rotkiapp a open source portfolio tracking, analytics and crypto accounting app that protects your privacy. now supports BCH.

  • The smartBCH team has announced that they have released another building block of smartBCH. The latest release is called Cash Script Covenants. A covenant is a restriction on a smart contract that basically means a coin can not be spent unless certain conditions are met increasing security.

  • A collaboration between Dr. Kui Wang, lead developer of smartBCH, and Tangoswap have now made it possible for people to initiate P2P trades on the block chain including limit orders

  • A massive global BCH onboarding effort is being conducted by Sunny. After multiple requests, he has finally released a video showing how he goes about onboarding merchants.

  • BCH101.COM held a smartBCH trading competition with $10,000 in prizes. After one month of trading user "xx Z" had the highest return on investment with 148%.

  • People who make content celebrating BCH day can submit their media to @bch_sun on Twitter. The top prize is 4 BCH

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Written by   303
2 weeks ago
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