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BCH Leaders Monthly Meeting - June 2021

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BCH Leaders Monthly Meeting 

June 7, 2021

9:00am PST (US/Canada)

Purpose: BCH meetup organizers connect to share updates, ideas and strategies to accelerate Bitcoin Cash adoption.


1. Welcome

Attendees: Alex, Vikram, Romit, Alejandro, John, JZA, Monica, Mariano, Nurain

2. Organizer Updates - Success & Challenges/Covid

Philadelphia, USA: Masks no longer required in the area, hopeful in-person meetups will restart soon. Hosting a virtual meetup on June 19th. Plan to create a token for the virtual meetup and use dividends to demonstrate the tech to guests.

Cancun, Mexico: Participating in the LATAM meetups. Pitching new online businesses to accept BCH. Covid is changing the atmosphere for adoption.  This opens a new opportunity to focus on online/ecommerce adoption. Let’s get more BCH-powered platforms onboard! This is a much larger opportunity than traditional brick and mortar. Networking with technology groups to make contacts with established businesses.

Yola, Nigeria: Had some collaborations with educational platforms (e.g., Bitkova). Creating local content in English (and the native language) and posting to youtube.  Will launch new website next week.  Plans to start the merchant adoption process this week.

Bangalore, India: Meetups continue. The lockdown was extended through June 21. Waiting to get back to in-person meetups soon. Join our group on for alerts on our next in-person meetup. Look for the new update on wallet which will offer a new peer-to-peer version of local bitcoin (built into the wallet). Wallet is available on Android now and a new version will be coming out soon.  iOS is coming soon.

Nueva Esparta, Venezuela: Hosting meetups regularly and in-person when possible. Will host a virtual meetup in Spanish with BCH Barquisimeto on June 12th. Recently hosted an event with the owner of a private school looking to incorporate Bitcoin Cash into their school curriculum.

Other updates: 

Gold Coast, Australia: New organizer and meetup! First in-person meetup is scheduled on June 19th.

Tokyo, Japan: Weekly meetups continue.

Perth, Australia: Monthly meetups continue. The May meetup was hosted at Restaurant 1903 which accepts payment in BCH. Guests earn 10 BCP tokens for attending. The next meetup will be on June 19th. Join the Perth community on telegram.

Saskatoon, Canada: Meetups in Saskatoon being scheduled. Members increased this month. Thanks to Satoshi’s Angels for paying our Meetup subscription fees. We launched the protocol, an open source and peer-to-peer SLP token exchange via command line atm. We have been integrating a basic front via our use of Badger mobile. We have held more meetups for business through Digital Technology Group and have some follow up meetings to build a farmers market specific token and offline POS. More updates on this project next month.

Querétaro, México: New meetup starting soon! Onboarded the first two BCH businesses in June!

Acarigua, Venezuela: Created a group on WhatsApp and hosted its first virtual meetup for women with 18 guests. Partnered with two women's organizations to introduce BCH. Will continue to build a community using WhatsApp and virtual meetups.

Zurich, Switzerland: Hosting an in-person meetup on June 16 at Grain Restaurant which accept BCH.

3. BCH Merchant Adoption Campaign

  1. The campaign continues and 232 new BCH merchants have been added! Please share with your members. This is a great opportunity to earn money and increase adoption in your region. Read the details and submit a new BCH business:  Join the telegram group if you have questions:

Merchant Campaign: New BCH Merchants Added by Month

4. Meetup Subscription Fees

Satoshi’s Angels is reimbursing subscription fees for the next 6 months. Please send a screenshot of the receipt and your BCH address to Monica.

5. Meetup Merchandise Update
Amazon shop is moving forward. Additional merchandise (e.g., accepted here stickers) was ordered and delivered. Working to get approval from Amazon to begin selling BCH merchandise and distributing to meetups worldwide.

6. Sponsorship

Satoshi’s Angels sponsors meetups. Funds are available to distribute to your new meetup members. Details on the New Member Giveaway:

Required: Wallet download by organizer or regular member

Amount of BCH given to new members based on region:

  • North America - $3

  • Europe - $3

  • South America - $2

  • Australia & New Zealand - $3 

  • Southeast Asia $2

  • East Asia $3

  • Central Asia (Russia etc) $2

  • South Asia (India etc) $2

  • Middle East $2 

  • Africa $2

Other sponsorship options include:

  • Cash hunt

  • Raffle

  • Free drinks for new members, etc.


  1. Include the sponsorship info in the meetup page (“This meetup is sponsored by Satoshi’s Angels and the details are…..“)

  2. Tag SA on social media posts (@SatoshiAngels) and mention the sponsorship.

  3. Please send SA photos of members receiving BCH after the meetup and get reimbursed.

  4. Please work with SA separately on the other sponsorship options.

7. Regional Virtual Meetups

Three virtual meetups are scheduled in June.  The meetups are open to everyone and guests have a chance to win BCH, sponsored by Satoshi's Angels.

June 5th at 10am JST, moderated by the Osaka BCH meetup

June 12th at 9pm VET, moderated in Spanish by BCH Barquisimeto  

June 19th at 7pm EDT, moderated by the Philadelphia BCH.

8. Questions & Answers

Q: Can we use NFTs to promote earning money on BCH?

A: Yes, is working on a solution to easily create NFTs on BCH which can be used to earn BCH.

Q: Can we expand/refresh the pitch from 2017 to showcase the daaps, SLP tokens, and the entire ecosystem? Let’s focus on pitching the entire ecosystem as the 2021 version which is more than just cash. For example, BCH is - a way to earn money blogging on, can be used to start new companies, can be used to easily create NFTs (soon), etc.

A: Yes, let’s share this suggestion with the BCH community so they can educate everyone about the ways to use/earn BCH.

Q: Submitting the links to is not appearing after a few days.

A: Satoshi's Angels will reach out to to find out if there are any issues.

Q: Can put together a list of approximately 5 online businesses to target for BCH adoption?  This will help us so we can work together to onboard prominent online businesses (e.g., pitch, networking, business contacts, etc.).

A: Everyone agreed to make this an ongoing topic and priority at the monthly meetings. Alex agreed to draft the list of 5 businesses (e.g., Coinstar, etc.)

9. Thank you and BCH Raffle

Meeting attendees are automatically entered in a BCH raffle, sponsored by Satoshi's Angels.

Winners: Alex, Nurain and Romit

Image Credit: Jajaa in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Can put together a list of approximately 5 online businesses to target for BCH adoption? This will help us so we can work together to onboard prominent online businesses (e.g., pitch, networking, business contacts, etc.).


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