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Noise pollution- a known painful act

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2 months ago

Two days ago we had a function in our nearby mosque. It is to commemorate the birthday of a well known personality whose contribution to the religion has created vast changes physically and mentally in the hearts of the people.

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To be honest I am a god fearing person. I respect my religion as well as others, but not to the extend of disturbing others. The function that was conducted in our area was in a way creating loud disturbance.

Loud disturbance meaning they projected loud speakers outside the mosque facing the piblic and its surroundings. They did not take the initiative to know the problems arising out of it.

Many homes in our area have aged parents and vulnerable people, school and college going children and children preparing for exams. There are homes where men and women reach after long hours of work and travel. Usually, one opts for a rest on reaching home. Unfortunately this is not possible with the sound of Loud speakers that is working in progress from morning to night

Some peoples react to such situations by reporting this to the committee members, While some are silent spectators due to fear and respect towards the community. The end result being their is no final solution to this existing problem. Just tonsuffer silently.

Right now it has become a competition among different communities for projecting loud speakers in their respective community. Resulting in indifference among individuals. For no reasons people become enemy to each other.

Humans creating inhumane act. Though the law has enforced several rules against noise pollution from the traffic department nothing is in practice for individuals in respective rituals. This is a paonful act.

Hope to get a peaceful solution for this very soon.

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Written by   34
2 months ago
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I can understand how frustrating this is. The fear of offending does not help as well.

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2 months ago