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Marriage and extravaganza

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Marriage is a beautiful contract with mutual consent of being together at times of pains and happiness, to share and care when in need etc. For very long we hear the story, "Marriages are made in heaven". If that is the case, does every marriage has a fairytale ending.

In our country, the people who starve are more compared to those enjoying a three day meal. Marriage means an unaccountable extravaganza for rich people and an unavoidable expenditure for the poor.

There was a time when girls were less educated. Higher education were banned for girls in most backward communities resulting in giving heavy cash to the bridegrooms family. But as and when years rolled by, females are given equal importance like men in the education system. Though higher education with a modest job is every girls dream, the brides family were never exempted or set free from cash and gold demands by the groom's family.

Here, in most communities the marriage starts as the three day function where, the expenditure is completely borne by the brides house. This includes stay, up & down transportation and fooding. Besides, the brides family takes all the initiative to entertain the guests in the best possible way.

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The renovation of the house begins once the marriage gets finalized. The decoration, which includes floral decoration is very expensive. And purchase of furniture and construction of extra rooms are all added to this extravaganza.

The responsibility starts from the purchase of gold, bridal attire for to be bride and groom, food and vehicle arrangement for guests, decorating the marriage vehicle and finally, gifting a ransom amount and property to the said. groom. It's like selling our daughter at such a heavy price.

When looking into the groom's side they are not entrusted with less responsibility. It is just a days function for them. The particular marriage day.

On this big day, the bride and grrom assemble in the auditorium along with their relatives and once the ritual process is over, they proceed on to lunch after which the teary-eyed bride bid good bye to her parents and sent to her husband's home. This is called "vidaai"

Once all this process gets over, you can see the amount of food waste lying all over. Huge quantities of food remain untouched. Certainly there are some humble people who take the responsibility of supplying the left over food to the municipal corporation who inturn reaches them to the needy after a neat packing.

When we reach the food in right hands, the next is the distribution. This responsibility is once again entrusted to volunteers, who inturn, takes the initiative to find people, who are un desperate need of food. This in a way is an humanitarian job done by youngsters, expecting nothing in return.

Once all the rituals are over and once all the relatives return to their hometown the brides parents check out the expenses incurred and with a heavy sigh await for the arrival of the newly weds, infact, to give thim a warm reception. So here ends the story of marriage.

Thanks for your valuable time in going through this article.

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Written by   13
1 month ago
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