Why Choose a Hand Sanitizer With The Right Amount of Alcohol?

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Germs are present on our hands as we come in contact with various objects during our daily activities. These germs can enter our body through cuts in the skin on our hands and the food we eat. As a result, we may become unwell.


So, what is the ideal way to avoid getting sick and/or transmitting germs to the people around you? The answer is personal hygiene. Wash your hands with good soap and water, or use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.


Personal hygiene, especially the use of hand sanitizers, has gained relevance in the current times. The coronavirus pandemic has ignited a surge in demand for alcohol-based hand sanitizers for physical and domestic use. As a result, numerous new producers of ethanol and isopropyl alcohol (IPA) based hand sanitizers have entered the market.


The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have issued advice on product efficacy, sanitizing capabilities, and label claims. These guidelines require commercial disinfection producers to conduct testing to validate alcohol concentration.


How Does Alcohol Destroy the Germs?

Denaturation occurs when the bacterium gets changed from its natural condition. This is how alcohol attacks bacteria.


Let's understand this process in detail. Assume you have flu-causing bacteria on your hand. Before they can do serious harm, the alcohol in your sanitizer will modify their chemical properties.


Therefore, it is vital to be vigilant about the sanitizer you use. You should choose a hand sanitizer formulation that includes alcohol. However, the question remains, how much alcohol is enough when it comes to hand sanitizers?

Let's see what the experts say.


Efficacy of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone use hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% of alcohol or ethanol. Hand sanitizer formulations with 60-95% ethanol destroy germs more effectively than those with lower concentrations or no alcohol at all.


According to Gunter Kampf of the Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine in Germany, ethanol is very efficient at 80% concentration. This is the threshold at which the alcohol can inactivate an encapsulated virus within 30 seconds. This conclusion has been supported by comprehensive scientific research.


However, are alcohol-based sanitizers effective in preventing disease spread, especially in the coronavirus pandemic? The structure of the COVID-19 virus is nearly identical to the original SARS-CoV-1 strain. The latter's properties begin to operate against itself once it comes in contact with 43% ethanol. Therefore, it can be inferred that alcohol will have the same effect on the COVID-19 virus.


You may wonder, isn't alcohol drying to the skin? Yes, it is. Still, alcohol-based hand sanitizer formulations enriched with moisture-retaining constituents are widely available, so you don't have to worry about dry skin.


Choosing the Best Sanitizer

People might seek the following features in a good hand sanitizer. A hand sanitizer formulation with 60% or higher alcohol concentration is ideal.

Extra substances, such as aloe Vera or glycerin are helpful since alcohol is drying. Further, the constant interaction of the skin with ethanol, ethyl alcohol, isopropanol, or 2-propanol may cause dryness. Aloe Vera and glycerin are moisture-protecting constituents. They help the skin, nourish itself and recover.


Avoid using any hand sanitizer that contains methanol, 1-propanol, or any constituents that are on the FDA's list of products to avoid.


Just human is the best sanitizer company in India. We manufacture the 24-Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer that comprises two chemicals that work together to protect you on a nanoscale. The first is 70% ethanol, which destroys the germs and bacteria on your hands almost instantly. The second is a proprietary molecule that produces a bionic shield composed of non-toxic, biodegradable particles. These particles attach to your hand's surface and give a 24-hour protective covering.


The Just Human 24-Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer is created in India utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Its formulation has been Nano-engineered to bind to and penetrate the cell walls of microbes. Thus, any microbe that comes in touch with it is quickly killed. Moreover, Just Human's hand sanitizer has been tested in GLP-accredited labs. These features make Just Human the best sanitizer company in India.


Unlike other hand sanitizers, Just Human Hand Sanitizer does not dry your hands. It contains hydrating components that keep your skin smooth and has no harsh chemicals. Your hands feel smooth and moisturized after treatment, with no transparent film or coating.


Just Human Hand Sanitizer is less harmful than basic hand sanitizers. This makes it safe for children, pets, and plants. You may use it on your children's hands and skin without concern.


Tips on Using Hand Sanitizers

Always use a sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.


An alcohol-based sanitizer is for external use. Ingestion may cause poisoning.


Take a good amount, not just a drop of the product. Rub your hands together until they are completely dry (this should take around 20 seconds).


Hand sanitizer should not be rinsed or wiped off before it has dried. Doing so may render it ineffective against germs.



The ideal approach to avoid the transmission of germs is to wash hands with soap and water. Alternatively, people may use hand sanitizers. You should use a hand sanitizer that has 60% of alcohol or higher. Such formulations are more effective at eliminating a broader spectrum of bacteria.


Just Human's hand sanitizer provides 24-hour safety from germs. It is Nano-engineered to bind to your skin and form a protective layer. You just have to apply it once a day for 24-hour protection.

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When outside, we do need to carry with us disinfectants these days. And there have been many alcohol or hand sanitizers brands that came out in the market and more still coming out but we do need to choose the effective ones like you said at least 60% alcohol content. When home, I usually use water and soap to wash my hands.

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