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Weekly Planning Process

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  • Review your flight plan or mission.

  • Review how much you moved towards your mission during the past week and celebrate and/or pre-forgive yourself.

  • Review possible activities from your areas of focus tabs. Come up with your goals that you will implement in the coming week to lift each area of focus within your life and write them down in your weekly attitude lindicator

  • Transfer your goals to your calendar.

  • Report and give an accounting to your accountability adviser.

Sometime between Friday afternoon and Sunday evening block out fifteen to twenty minutes to plan your coming week. In your planning time, first think in terms of your mission or your life's fight plan. Reconnect. Be inspired and renewed by your mission and what you want to do and be in your life. Remember from the loom analogy that you are trying to improve both your warp of character and your weft of goals and activities.

After reviewing your mission, think about the week before. Did you move closer to your mission?As you review the areas of focus in your life (your character, your Capabilities, your family. and your roles in the community at large) did you do your part to lift each of these areas of focus, or were you weighed down in some? Celebrate those areas you were able to lift! There Is not enough celebration going on for significant weekly accomplishments that bring you closer to your mission. Raise both arms in air and congratulate yourself In those areas where you were weighed down, remember the prin- ciple of pre-forgiveness. You have a divine nature and divine potential, and you have the upcoming week to make improvements.

The next step is to review ideas from this article that you would capture in the areas of focus tabbed sections in your time-management tool. There may the be additional ideas you have written down. The concept is to continually add to the list, other ideas and goals that will help you lift yourself and others. For the coming week you may consider goals from the list you have written on your areas of focus tabs or by simply reviewing your list, you will probably come up with other thoughts and ideas.

The next step is to choose your goals for the week. Thinking specifically of this week, ask yourself what should you continue doing, start doing, and stop doing that will lift cach of the areas of focus in your life. On the picture below , you will see what your weekly attitude indicator will look like.

After you fill out your weekly attitude indicator, think for a moment about what your week would be like if you were able to accomplish everything on your weekly attitude indicator. If the goals you have written down are goals that you feel will truly lift your character, capabilities, your family, and help you improve the contributions you are making in other roles of your life, it will give you a sense of moving towards your mission. In those cases when you only accomplish part of the goals you have written down on your weekly attitude indicator, you should still feel pretty good because you are making deliberate strides towards your mission. If you find that in certain weeks you are not able to finish everything you have set out to do in your week attitude indicator, pre-forgive yourself and try it again the following week.
In the early 1900s an Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto, came up with a mathematical formula to describe the unequal distribution of wealth in his country. He observed that 80 percent of the wealth was held by 20 percent of the population. In the 1930s and 1940s a management consultant, Joseph Juran, recognized a principle he called "the vital few and the trivial many." He asserted that 20 percent of something is responsible for 80 percent of the results. This 80/20 rule has applications in many areas. For example, you may find 20 percent of your sales staff produces 80 percent of your sales.You may also find that 20 percent of your work consumes 80 percent of your time and resources, I would suggest that in the field of time management, similar conclusions can be made. There are the "vital few" activities that can have a remendous impact on how you use your time and thus lead you to be the person you want to be The goals you select in your weekly attitude indicator are intended to be the "vital few" goals or perhaps the 20 percent of your activities that will facilitate 80 percent of the results. As a mother or any other executive, focus on the power of the vital few and not the length of to-do lists. Separate the impactful few from the immediate many.

The last step of your weekly planning process is to let your accountability adviser know how your last week went and what your goals are for the coming week. This need not be a long process. Remember that the probability  of completing your goals go up to 95 percent when you have a specific appointment with your accountability adviser and give an accounting of your progress. Choose an accountability adviser whom you trust and is willing to help you reach your goals and be the person you want to be.


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Written by   161
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