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Turning the whole life to gratitude, and living a truly meaningful life

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9 months ago

I always "why there are so many people who don't relish the charm in their daily lives."

This is because, when you look at people's attitude towards their everyday lives, there are small number of people who are hopeful and positive, while there are some who generally live their lives from beginning to end negatively, weakly, and without vigor.

To delve deeper into this matter, there are such people who do not try to live relishing the charm in their everyday lives, and if they do not try it to live their everyday lives, and if they do not try it to live their lives relishing the charm everyday, as a result they will live meaningless lives from beginning to end, during which they have to spend the days that will never come back again with very little worth, as they head in a negative direction whether they are sad, they suffer, they get angry, have hardships, without being charmed by anything or feel any great pleasure at all, but rather working hard merely for the sake of living.

Frankly speaking, people who work only because they have to work in order to live, with the value that they place on work degenerating into that which is secondary, are unable to work with a proper mindset by which they consider it as primary, or in other words, the essential purpose in human life, which is living in order to work, instead of working in order to live.

And so, a natural result of this as a reward for their work is that, many people who do not feel any satisfaction. In other words, unless the result of their work as they had hoped it would be, they end up feeling unjust and dissatisfied and in some cases, even desperate. And even if they do not go as far as that, they cannot avoid living weak lives in which they do not find pleasure in living.

And so, in order to live a meaningful life, we must always pay attention to relishing the charm in our own everyday lives.

No! This is not exactly true.

Strictly speaking, people who are wanting in the degree to which they pay such attention to things, no matter how good a position station they migth have in life, and no matter how much wealth they might have attained, it will all be meaningleas, empty and desolate.

What is particularly wrong for a lot of people is that they seek charm in their everyday lives on the material level. Relishing the charm in one's everyday life is a matter of the heart, and not a material matter. No matter how much an income of a person might have, and no matter how many material things he or she might obtain, unless that person's heart can relish the charm in his or her everyday life, that person might just as well not have any of those things.

Such sayings as a "poor wealthy person" or " inability to live up to one's rank" are metaphors which describe this truth.

A sensible person whould understand this right away, without thinking very deeply about.

For example, no matter how lucky a person might appear to be objectively, how is it for that person if he or she is unsatisfied with his or her present circumstances, and does not feel any satisfaction?

In constrast to this, even a person who is not objective and appears to be unhappy and if that person, after finishing a day's work, when filled his or her empty stomach on even a meager meal, feels infinitely thankful for this being the flower of his or her own noble labor and the fruit of his or her efforts int which he or she put body and heart?

Compared to a miserable life in which a person, living in a stately palace with warm clothing and plenty to eat, and who doesn't feel any appreciation or emotion at all, but who merely feels unfairness and dissatisfaction about what he or she has, in truth if a person can life his or her life, turning everything to appreciate and emotion, then wouldn't the things that had always been there in the past make up a noble life of an exalted value.

No! It is actually putting into practice this mental attitude which brings about of its own accord an indescribable subtle inspiration in a person's heart each moment that he or she lives, so that at all times that person will naturally be able to relish the charm of life.

And so, strictly speaking, a person who lives but does not relish the charm of life cannot really be said to be living his or her life.

More strictly speaking, the hardship and unhappiness of life are the result of whether a person has relished the charm of life.

As I have already mentioned, wheather a person be of a high or low status in life, or whether a person be rich or poor, is only secondary.

This is the truth!

Even if a person has a whole mint worth of money, or even if a person has a high station and honors in life, unless that person tries to relish the charm of life, then there is no way that he or she will be able to relish true happiness.

In the hard-to-live-in modern world, during an age when people get little fun out of life, there might be some people who think that it is too much to tell a person to do something like discovering the charm in life. However, if I could speak without holding back, such a person has quite a narrow perception of human life, and what's more, if I were forced to say more, I would say that this is because that person looks at things on the surface.

I see!

Considering the things from a perspective of the burden, a person bears in his or her life, or the victim(s) thereof, it would seem that, generally speaking, there is nothing which is as painful difficult or troublesomr as human life. And the more you think about it, it often seems that you have been going around in a mysterious emotional state which is strangely enough, a mixture of pain and pleasure which have become entangled with one an other, so that you yourself cannot even tell what is going on.

However, life should be observed three-dimensionally. If you do this, you will intuitively feel that in addition to your life unexpectedly expanding in scope, the particulars of your life will, like an elaborste piece of fabric, have been inlaid with a variety of extremely intricate colors.

And then, what you intuitively feel will help you to find a rather large amount of things in your life which seems to be considerably fun, amusing, pleasant and sweet.

Therefore, no mattet what as much as possible you have to be always careful in your own everyday life. To be mindful of relishing the charm of life.

What I would particularly like you to know is that the charm of life is not only found in pleasurable circumstances, nor it is found only when a person has money and wealth of material things.

It exists in sad things, as well as in sad circumstances, absolutely regardless of the so-called class discrimination in human society.

This is not actually true. Rather, since people who are riches and who have a high position in life try to obtain the charm of life from such things, it is hard for them to truly relish the charm of life.

Accordingly, it is not easy for such people to thoroughly relish true happiness.

And so, examining this truth, we should try, to the very best of our ability, to find charm in life, both widely and deeply.

The point is for us to increase the strenght in our hearts.

If we can do that, then the scope in which we live our lives will greatly expand, and the particulars of our lives will be enriched, while we will perceive an abundance of nature and a lot of happiness.

In other words, life mush not be merely " existence". And the reason that life must be creation is also because of this.

That is to say, one's mental attitude in life must not be 'to be," but " to become."

To say this in more easily understood terms, life is not merely "being," but one must always have mind-set "to create".

To speaak in greater detail, human beings should consider how they should properly take intentional action in their lives, with human intention.

Only then can human beings adapt to the fundamental human mission.

This means that no matter what, in order to live properly in this world, we should try to live by turning all the circumstances in our lives to pleasure, and constantly integrating them into "creation".

Only then will you perceive the value of human life, and at the same time believe that this is really the proper way to perceive life, and that it is a noble obligation.


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Written by   165
9 months ago
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I have nothing to say here.. But you are really good I write. I adore your talent since day one. Am just silently reading your articles.

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9 months ago