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Talking about unfairness and dissatisfaction.

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1 month ago

If you have time to do that, look sternly at yourself critically, and strive to correct yourself."

There are a lot of people who think it is only normal to talk about unfairness and dissatisfaction, and who are not all ashamed to do so. What's more, there is an actual tendency among people to think about this, as if it were a common human trait. There is also an extremely large number of people who just because they feel unfairness and dissatisfaction indeed talk about it, thinking that they will be able to progress and/or improve their share in human society. This constitutes the same mistake as the way a person think that they will be able to differentiate between good and evil or to discover an incomprehensible truth just because that person doubts.

This is because the only thing that the bad habit of talking about unfairness and dissatisfaction is to make a person feel a lot of "anfuish" and "agony in his or her heart, and once a person realizes that this will not bring about any greater yield of value in life, this can definitely be considered to be proof that it was a mistake, And the result of unfairness and dissatisfaction is that, before a person can realize it, this causes the person to no longer be able to control himself or herself at all, which is a very unfortunate result indeed.

Althought it is not necessary to talk too much about it, when a human being lives his or her complicated and busy life, this is just like bringing a ship into rough seas, because that person did not know anything about piloting a ship, and without, of course, being able to obtain such things as happiness, success, prosperity or good health, that person becomes miserable castaway on the rough sea of life, and will merely and unavoidably end his or her life tragically.

Actually, you cannot find a large number of people without looking around this great world of ours, but simply by looking carefully around you? I'm talking about people who, while being well educated, having good position in life, and having a great deal of financial clout, feel more unhappiness in their lives than they do happiness.

More than anything else, this is a result of not being able to completely control oneself, which is so important in the construction of an ideal life. To put this in terms which are easier to understand, such a person is constantly being threatened by events in life, or that is to say, not only of course by things that have to do with their health and destiny, but by the trifling everyday affairs of life, and just as I have already mentioned, people who do not know how to pilot a ship do not know how to pilot oneself even in an insignificant storm, so that just as if they have lost their presence of mind, they are unable to live their lives with real peace of mind. And what's more, the basic reason for this is because they do not have a positive "frame of mind."This is because they are satisfied with having a negative heart. Also, people who do not even realize at all, they are in the bad habit of recklessly criticizing others, will bring about a worthless actuality whereby the fundamental attitude of their heart, with out them even realizing it, deteriorates into negativity, unless they correct this.

There is a proverb which goes something like, "lf you are going to look at the way others act, correct the way how you act." This means that a person who recklessly criticizes the words and actions of others does not try to correct his or her own actions, accurately comparing them to the actions of others, and only criticizes others, there is no value in such criticism. To delve deeper into the matter, since people whom it comes natural to recklessly criticize others do not reflect upon themselves at all, such people do not make any progress or improvement at all in controlling themselves, which is the most important thing in life.

And so, you should first of all stop searching for the flaws and faults of others, and rigidly search for your own flaws and faults.

Our group of employees should of course be serupulously mindful of this teaching, and pay close attention in placing values in their lives. It is an excuse of the average person to say that he or she understands other people immediately, but does not understand himself or herself easily.

People should consider it's one of the obligations in life to strive always strictly to criticize themselves, and to earnestly correct themselves.


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Written by   161
1 month ago
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