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Nissin Butter Coconut Challenge.

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2 months ago

Let me share my experience of participating in this kind of dance challenge. I honestly don't have the talent to dance. I'm a shy type of person.

I was forced to join because our manager at my job as a merchandiser asked me to join a group of dance challenge participants.

But before that, I want to let you know what I handle in my job, what I do in my job and where I am working.

The name of the job I work for is known throughout the Philippines because it is also one of the most common markets for people because all of what they need is in there. (even if sometimes there are items that are out of stock.)

My employer's name is "PUREGOLD PRICE CLUB INC."

my department is produce department. I am a merchandiser of Freshpick agri trading corp. that time, which is I'm handling a condiments like anchovies and fish sauce.

But now I'm handling a Super fresh which is vegetables and fruits.

Now let me start sharing my experience with my participation in the dance challenge.

Because I am close to the manager where I work, he convinces me to join the dance challenge. And since I knew I had no talent to dance, I rejected it even though it was embarrassing. But he did not stop teasing me. he really forced me even more to join.

And because I love our manager because of his kindness, I agreed even though I don't really dance haha.

It was held in October 2019.

Let me show you the full video that we made and what we submitted to the nissin Butter Coconut Challenge.

All the props you see in the video are our own made.

Do you know the funny? I was the one they chose to put in the middle / front, even though they knew I didn't really know how to dance. Sorry to the viewers hahaha.

Here is the photos that we've taken after we're done to dance. (Behind the scene)

It's embarrassing but I am glad because we are one of the branches selected in PUREGOLD PRICE CLUB INC. Nissin Butter Coconut included in the Top 9.

I do not expect our branch to be in the Top 9, because many talented branches have joined here in the various branches of PUREGOLD PRICE CLUB INC. In my memory the other video entry we watched from another branch was very good but they did not follow the mechanic / rule so it was disqualified.

I'm really happy and proud to represent the full video that Nissin Butter Coconut posted and show us.

I need to pause some parts of the video then I take a few screen shots so you can better recognize my face in the video above.

We've dance at the front of our store where I worked. We've dance at the front of our store where I worked.We've dance at the front of our store where I worked.
we've also dance in the rooftop of our store where I worked.

We were very happy then because we were chosen to be the top 2 in this dance challenge.

Here is the list of each branch of PUREGOLD PRICE CLUB INC. The top 9 winners in this dance challenge.

1. Terminal Mall

2. San Pablo

3. Bonuan

4. Monumento

5. Banago

6. Arayat

7. La union

8. Binagonan

9. GuaGua

I hope you liked what I shared with you which is one of my experiences.



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Written by   161
2 months ago
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Don't ever say you can not dance because the moments you forget about that and just fully go for it, it is obvious that you move really well and naturally. So all you need to do if forget about what you think others will see and just go with the music and you will soon not just a good mover but a very good dancer. No need to be shy at all. Your manager was right to convince you, you rocked it girl.

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2 months ago

Wow. 😍😍😍 (Kinilig ako) I mean I shudder at what you said in this article. Thank you so much for your compliment. You're right I never thought I could do this. But I still did it, probably because I already enjoyed dancing then. when I first watched it I was surprised and then I asked myself, is it me? Hahaha

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2 months ago