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Clark Kent superman

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Superman is the functional comic book superhero. He was discovered and raised by a kansas farmer and his wife, And known by the name of Clark Kent.

When Clark discovered that he had superhuman abilities, He resolved to use his strengths for the benefit of all humanity.

He hides his identity as superman by working as a “Mild-mannered reporter.” I remember watching the black and white television shows of Superman where he goes into a phone booth and transforms into Superman complete with a Cape and big letter “S” on his chest—and then flies off to help someone in distress.

Moms and those in management and executive roles are thrust into “Superman” roles and responsibilities whether they want to be or not.

With a birth of a child or an announced managerial promotion, A person's role can change in an instant—almost as fast as Clark Kent can change into Superman as he goes into a phone booth.

Gone are the days when people can hide behind the role of “Mild-mannered reporter.”

A young lady can afford to pick and choose when to use her superhuman abilities to benefit mankind, But once her role changes to the role of a mother, All of her superhuman strengths are needed 24/7.

Her thoughts shift from thinking about what is best for her to unconditionally loving her children.

This is the fundamental shift in thinking that applies to all of these foundational realities.

There is the shift from thinking independently to thinking about the welfare of others.

Similarly, When someone has a non-management work role, He can focus on individual performance.

He can pace himself and really focus his energies throughout the work day.

When people take on supervisory responsibility, Most successful managers and executives change their focus.

The focus goes from the benefit of oneself to the health of the team or enterprise.

The success of the executive or manager is defined by the success of the team. The shift goes from me to we.

Regardless of the business hours, The health and welfare of the team is on the manager's or executive's mind 24/7.

When an executive or manager makes this fundamental shift to being more concerned about the welfare of the team instead of the welfare of the executive individually, The rest of the team can sense and feel it, And they will rally behind the leader.

If the team senses the executive is only in it for himself, The team emotionally withdraws and contributes less than their best.

When these mom- or manager- or executive-role shifts occur, The time management philosophy and practice also needs to change.

Before the role shift, I can plan my day and ask what “I” am going to do today, And the context is my personal performance.

After the role shift, The time management questions becomes, “What conditions do I need to create to benefit my family or work team today?”

Look at it another way. The mom and management roles are much like a gardener role.

Think for a moment what a gardener might need to grow wonderful tomatoes.

You may consider sunlight, Water, Soil, Fertilizer, Care, Taking out weeds, And so forth.

What the gardener is doing in essence is creating the conditions that maximze the growth of the seed.

There's not much a gardener can do with seed itself. The gardener can't wish for a cantaloupe harvest from a tomato seed.

Similarly, the mom's and management's role is to create conditions for family members or team members to grow.

They focus their time and effort on significantly improving the chances for success.

The point of this foundational reality is this: With the role change to mother or management, Change the time management focus from individual performance to building a family culture at home or team culture at work.

Once I realized this, I saw its application in all my roles.

Whether you have additional roles such as a soccer coach, Teacher, Church roles, Or are part of some association leadership, Shift you thinking from, “Why can I do for me” or “How do I facilitate the acceptance of the values of the organization so that those values are shared?” or “How can I multiply this opportunities for my family or team?”



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