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Assemble Your Advisory Board

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6 months ago
You, Yourself, As much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

Where do we start when it comes to working with others? We have been taught all our lives to be team player's, But rarely have we been told to put together a team.

It is interesting and wonderful to know people with talents different than my own.

I'm at awe when I consider how each person is not only unique But uniquely divine.

Most of the time we are just resigned to think: I wish I were more like that person.

Well, we're not and will never be like any other person Because we are all unique.

However, Our lives can be enriched just the same by the gifts, Experience, And advice of others.

How? Assemble your own advisory board! Be deliberate.

This doesn't require you to hire anyone or file legal documents.

You are not firming an organization, But you are forming an advisory board to help you run one of your most important organization—you! For some, this will be a new concept.

Regardless, Most of you will recognize that you have already put together an impromptu team.

You may just call them a select group of friends or family members.

What I'm suggesting requires you to be more deliberate and exact.

Let's take a look at a typical advisory board member and the legal language that is used to describe that person.

  • Board members must act honestly and bona fide (In good faith)

  • A board member shall perform his or her duties in a manner he or she reasonably believes to be in the best interests of the corporation.

  • Performs duties with such care as an ordinarily prudent person in a like position with respect to the similar corporation would use under similar circumstances.

Can you think of people right away in your circle of family, Friends, And acquaintances, From whom you would appreciate getting advice, Because they would act “In good faith,” or “Your best interest,” And perform their duty with “Care” and “Produce”? You may consider adding board members who would:

  • Help with your growth and development

  • Listen

  • Review your performance and be trusted accountability advisers

  • Give input and advice

  • Give support and evaluate your progress

  • Validate, Affirm, And help you tap into your potential

  • Bring expertise that would be helpful to you

  • Provide guidance and direction

These people can be living or deceased.

They may come from any part of your life.

How many board members should you have?

How often should you meet?

Should the meetings be informal or formal?

Do you meet all together or meet with each separately?

What should be discussed?

You are the chairman of the board. You decide.

You may want to add to or change your board as your circumstances change.

In the oxen-pull allegory, I mentioned that the winning combination is first, Individual strength and training, And secondly, The team's ability and willingness to work together.

Working together means your advisory board responds to the same trainer's voice.

This is the most important criteria in your selection process.

I mentioned the importance of the voice is the voice of a strong character.

As you consider those you would include in your advisory board, Select people with strong character, Whose moral purpose is the same as yours.

Choose people who use their divine brains to dominate their thinking.

They may have different and abilities But choose members whose character will strengthen your own.

Tap into the power of teams.

You have been part of a team of one sort or another your whole life.

It is now time to switch your thinking from being a team player to be the one to assemble a team.


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Written by   163
6 months ago
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I agree. What makes a team is variations of people. Differences is not a weakness but strength.

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6 months ago

Yeah, that was right. Thanks for your comment I appreciate it.😇

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6 months ago