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Achieving Flight.

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1 month ago

We have been engaged in a significant journey thus far, exploring concepts to pilot our lives towards a culture of being more and not just doing more. These are important ideas, and I'm sure you have added to it your own insights and wisdom. We haven't forgotten, however, that this is about time management, and we need to have the rigor to consistently apply what we have learned. Events such as reading this article alone may fade, but creating a process with it enables our learning to endure. Our last allegory is about application.

Every time I fly, I love getting the window seat on the plane and looking out as the plane takes off. It's especially exciting when I'm on the largest planes. I can feel the power of the engines as the plane accelerates down the runway. Although I have flown over a million miles, the idea that man can and those fly is fascinating and exciting to me. Soon after the plane is off the ground, the plane retracts the landing gear, and then without the drag of the landing gear, the flight is smoother and becomes quieter. All the while, the plane continues to lift and rise above the trees, buildings, hills, and even the highest mountains. As the plane steadily climbs, my vision expands. I especially love the morning and afternoon flights when it is cloudy and even rainy. The plane climbs through the rain and clouds and then suddenly breaks through the mist of gray into the glorious sunshine. The plane continues to climb through occasional turbulence, then finally there is a smooth flight, with the feeling of perfect stillness, and I look out the plane window with unlimited visibility.

It is amazing how the take-off on a commercial flight parallels our own lives. We want our lives to take flight, and we want to position ourselves much as the plane positions itself in one end of the runway with a flight plan established. It takes a tremendous effort just to get a plane moving and gaining speed in preparation for flight. So it is with us. Resolve, effort and persistence are required, along with our personal flight plan or mission. Daily uplifting habits are pre-requisites for us to gain momentum and lift. Much as the miracle of commercial flight happens daily, so can we have the hope within us and the example of others who have gone before, to soar to heights that we may only currently hold with faith. Just as adherence to the laws of flight dictates whether or not the plane will lift above clouds, darkness, and storms, and arrive at its destination, so are we assured that we can become the people we want to be, regardless of the storms we have to weather, when we understand and adhere to the laws that lift men's souls. We'll explore in four sections of achieving Flight.

  • Flight plan or mission statement.

  • Accelerating down the runway and lift.

  • Adjustments along the way.

  • Putting it all together with a simple and powerful tool.


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Written by   161
1 month ago
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wow, amazing article dear. your article is always good, keep it up

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