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July 5, 2022 (rising Tuesday)

Hot and humid July

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Myself SaraEllen, I'm a 4 month user for Before joining, i spend most of my time on chatting apps including Whatsap, messenger, text messaging app. After my marriage the time for texting is over now, the person whom i kept on texting and chatting is beside me after our marriage. But the aching of Using CP is my hobby, i needed a platform to spend my time on, and one of my university mates introduced me to read cash. First two weeks, i spent here, in understanding the interface and behind the scenes background of, then my interests started arising about this platform.

And after a month, i looked at insights and found this platform very much productive, i have done my thesis using articles on readcash, i took idea and data from readcash and completed my thesis based on that data. I'm now having a sickness of Using more than any other platform. The reasons behind this are.

  • Interesting content.

  • Friendly atmosphere.

  • Friendly people.

  • Friendly interface.

  • And most important among all factors is (the earning, and this earning is in form of BCH)

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Thank to you my all dearly lovely, precious, friendly, kind, wonderful, generous and awesome three legendary stars. Including @alicecalope and @Talecharm

Thanks for trusting in me and providing me an undying help in form of sponsorship and motivation. Be blessed and happy.

I'm confused, what shouldn i do? Either reading other's articles is better or writing and posting my owns? People in my list including @renren @Talecharm @qheer92 @Wrinkle @Roojoroojay @Shohana @GarthDravy@GarthDravy @GarrethGrey07 @Esp130 my sponsor

and my favorite Mr. @Potbelly are sharing interesting contents.

It is hard for me to choose between reading and writing on readcash. Reading: I wasn't really fond of reading but you guys make me used to be a good reader, you blogs are full of interesting things.


Especially the Mr. @Potbelly is my favorite writer among all others.

Potbelly is younger in age than all of us, he is a teenager but a competent boy. First time when i read his articles i felt something very much different in his profile. His words //Mr. Potbelly with his big belly on the table// were very funny for me because i read these words first time in my whole life.

And his specialities are.

  • He mentions his name in first paragraph of his every article.

  • Second specialty is he writes less and earns more.

  • He is generous, he once tipped 20 cents on my comment on his blog.

  • One more thing i have noticed in his Content is, he always spreads positive vibes, he wants to give positive thinking.

He is the one who writes very little, but robot is very kind to him. ❤️ You can visit his profile and can see his each and every article he posted, the articles are hardly of 3 paragraphs, they are usually of two paragraphs but look at his earnings, it is magical.

Good motivations comes from the inner minds

Screen shot from potbelly's profile


Your children is your future, train them well!!

Look at his this article, the link is provided under the picture. He posted this article two days ago, article contains only two paragraphs and a message to his sponsor, and look at the reward he achieved on this article. And we are here writing lenghthiest articles and getting nothing. He is having a magic in his hands, LoL.

Actually we both started our career on readcash, together, we are in competition, but he is ahead from me in earnings, he writes a small but Original and competitive content.

The earnings of his two to three paragraphs are more than your earnings of a 10 paragraphs long article.

Does he have a black magic or what? He is beloved of Rusty.

If we take a brake of 5 to 10 days from, it effects our reach on our articles but to him? He posted an article after being absent for 5 days, bot visited him and showed love to him.

Final thoughts.

I have learned from Potbelly's account that,

It is not necessary to write a very much longer and bigger article to get paid higher.

But originality and sincerity in your article matters a lot.




Thanks for reading

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Oh I really don't know what to say but to say a big thank you. Am glad you learn somethings from my writing thanks alot , am not done tipping the article 😁😁 I wanna buy BCH to tip you 😂. Thanks so much ma

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1 year ago

Hehehe, pleasure is all mine, yes i felt so inspired reading your blogs, but a flaw in you is that, you are not posting articles regularly, you should write on and post articles on daily basis, otherwise your account may get demonized by the algorithm,

Well thank you so much for a huge reward and up vote of $0.31 on this article, I'm glad. ❤️

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1 year ago

Articles that are too long, if not the result of ideas from their own minds, make the performance of our accounts and articles worse. His articles include accounts that are really good and of very good quality.

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1 year ago

That's cool! I thought Rusty tips the longer posts higher than those posts with less than 3 min-reading.

And hey, SaraEllen! It's me @Casspy. I created new account. Hehe

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1 year ago

Oh,, yes, the bot is very clever, he knows well ho deserves a good reward and who does not...

Well, congrats on new account... Friends from now on... ❤️

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1 year ago

Yes, indeed! I have also learned that from my own experience. I can create a nine minutes of reading article and yet my rewards was very little, while others who wrote a small paragraph was felling with love by the green baby. However it was actually also because their content are quite clear and easy to understand.

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1 year ago

You are right, I'm from today, doing different experiments on writing articles, let's see which one gets successful

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1 year ago

Yes you are right, for what a long article but the result of plagiarism, plagiarism is the most prohibited thing on this platform, developers really value original writing.

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1 year ago

Yes exactly, I'm already amazed to see his content and the rewards.

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1 year ago